Profile of Secret Garden’s Kim Sarang, and Facts (Movie List, Marriage, Plastic Surgery)

Kim Sa-rang, the Korean Actress and Miss Korea

Stepping into South Korea’s entertainment industry as the winner of the national beauty pageant, Kim Sa-rang’s career is considered a smooth one, as she has the reputation and talent to back it up. Having received several awards, such as Drama Awards Women Tribologists at the KBS Drama Awards in 2005, Best Supporting Actress Award at the KBS Performance Awards in 2005, CF Special Star Award at the 19th Republic of Korea Entertainment News in 2011, and Best Jewelry Fair Lady at the 10th Korea Jewelry in 2012, Kim Sa-rang is known as an actress, model, and brand ambassador of luxury products. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Kim Sa-rang, including her full profile, the list of her television dramas, movies, and tv shows, her plastic surgery, her marriage news, and her Instagram feed. So, keep reading!

Full Profile of Kim Sa-rang

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Real Name: Kim Sa-rang

Date of Birth: Daegu, South Korea, 12 January 1978

Age: 41 (Korean age) / 40 (International age)

Occupation: Actress and model

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Chinese Astrology: Horse

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 51 kg

Blood Type: O

Parents: Kim Yi-hwan and Hwang Young-hee

Sibling: 1 (a sister named Kim Dae-hye)

Education: Gwangyoung Girls’ High School, Yongin University, with a major in Department of Music (bachelor and master degree)



Talent Agency: Brave Entertainment

List of Kim Sa-rang’s TV Shows and Movies

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As has been known by the public, Kim Sa-rang was known as Miss Korea in 2000, and she made her venture into becoming a television drama actress in 2000.  She starred dramas with notorious actors, such as Rain (A Love to Kill), Hyun Bin (Secret Garden), and Joo Jin-mo (This is My Love). Not only is she an actress, Kim Sa-rang has also starred on variety shows on the various broadcast channels. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of television series, films, and variety shows that Kim Sa-rang has starred in and appeared on.

1989 –  Music video of Byeon Jin-seop’s To lady (숙녀에게)

2000 –  SBS Anger of Angel  (as Supporting Role)

2001 – SBS How Should I Be (Supporting Role as Yoo Jin)

2001 – KBS2 Mina (Main Role as Park Mina (after surgery))

2001 – MBC Lovers (Supporting Role as Kim Sa-rang)

2001 – MBC Live Music Camp (as Host)

2002 – Birth of a Man (Supporting Role as Sa-rang)

2002 – SBS Affection (Supporting Role as Eul-sook)

2003 – KBS1 A Maiden’s Dream (Supporting Role as Bogdong)

2003 – KBS1 Thousand Years of Love (Supporting Role as Kum-hwa or Go Eun-bi)

2003 – SBS Shin, Kim Won Hee’s Hey Hey Hey (as Guest)

2003 – Love Impossible / Love of South and Noth (Main Role as Oh Yeong‑Hee)

2005 –  KBS2 A Love to Kill (Supporting Role as Han Da-jung)

2006 – Hot For Teacher / Who Slept with Her (Main Role as Uhm Ji-Young)

2006 – SBS Shin, Kim Won Hee’s Hey Hey Hey (as Guest)

2006 – SBS I Asked Ambitious Ten Thousand People (as Guest)

2007 – Music video of Lee Seung-gi’s Because You’re My Woman

2007 –  SBS The King and I (Supporting Role as Uh Woo-dong [Gisaeng])

2007 – SBS How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor (Guest Role as Herself)

2008 – SBS Tokyo Sun Shower (Main Role as Lee Soo-jin)

2008 – Radio Dayz (Supporting Role as Marie)

2010 – 1st Seoul Cultural Arts Awards (as Host)

2010- 2011 –  SBS Secret Garden (Main Cast as Yoon Seul)

2011 – O’live Kim Sa-rang & Lee Tae-im Find Your Taste! (as Host)

2011 – KBS1 Hope Road (as Regular Cast)

2011 – SBS FM Radio Secret Garden (Yunseul Station) (as DJ)

2011 – KBS1 Road of Hope (as Charity worker)

2011 – Music video of Jay Park’s Demon

2015 – jTBC This is My Love / My Love Eun Dong (Main Role as Seo Jung-eun or Ji Eun-dong)

2017 –  MBC I Live Alone (as Herself)

Kim Sa-rang’s Marriage News

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Back in June 2013, Kim Sa-rang was rumored to have plans to marry South Korea’s most famous footballer, Park Ji-sung. The rumor was first spread by the staff members of Hotel ‘L’, who claimed that Kim Sa-rang and Park Ji-sung will be getting married at said hotel. In detail, the hotel staff revealed through online communities and social networking sites, “A little while ago, Park Ji Sung and Kim Sa-rang reserved the wedding hall at Hotel ‘L’. The wedding is scheduled for September.” Soon after the rumor came out, Kim Sa-rang’s agency denied all the wedding-related statements, saying that there is no truth to the absurd story. As for the ideal type, Kim Sa-rang once stated that she is looking for the innocent and intellectual type of guy that is suitable for her.