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Meet Talented Actor Kim Sang-ho

Kim Sang-ho is a South Korean actor who appears in movies, television dramas, and plays. He’s known for being an actor on popular dramas, such as Prosecutor Princess, City Hunter, Let’s Fight Ghost, Missing 9, and many more. Kim Sang-ho also got a chance to compare his acting skills with other popular actor and actress such as Lee Min-ho, 2PM’s Taec-yeon, Le Jong-suk, actress Kim So-hyun & Park Min-young, and many more.

Let’s check out his full profile to get to know more about him!

One of South Korea Legendary Actor, Kim Sang-ho’s Profile

Real Name : Kim Sang-ho (김상호)

Profession : Actor

Birth : Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea, July 24th, 1970

Zodiac : Leo

Height : 175 cm

Weight : 74 kg

Blood Type : B

Talent Agency : Huayi Brothers

Sim Entertainment (former agency)


Television Dramas
  • 2008 – The Kingdom of the Winds (aired on KBS2/role as Ma-hwang)
  • 2009 – Triple (aired on MBC/role as Coach Nam)
  • 2010 – Prosecutor Princess (aired on SBS/role as Na Joong-seok)
  • 2011 – Twinkle Twinkle (aired on MBC/role as Park Joong-hyuk), City Hunter (aired on SBS/role as Bae Shik-joong/Bae Man-deok), Special Affairs Team TEN (aired on OCN/role as Baek Do-shik)
  • 2012 – My Husband Got a Family (aired on KBS2/aired on Bang Jung-bae)
  • 2013 – Special Affairs Team TEN Season 2 (aired on OCN/role as Baek Do-shik), The Blade and Petal (aired on KBS2/role as So Sa-beon)
  • 2014 – Wonderful Days (aired on KBS2/role as Kim Sang-shik), Doctor Stranger (aired on SBS/role as Yang Jeong-han), Drama Special ‘Illegal Parking’ (aired on KBS2/role as Ahn Sang-shik)
  • 2015 – D-Day (aired on JTBC/role as Cho Il-seop)
  • 2016 – Let’s Fight Ghost (aired on tvN/role as monk; Myung-cheol)
  • 2017 – Missing 9 (aired on MBC/Hwang Jae-guk), Lookout (aired on MBC/role as Oh Kwang-ho)
  • 2018 – Kingdom (aired on Netflix/role as Moo-yeong


  • 2001 – The Last Witness (role as Escaped Prisoner)
  • 2003 – Mutt Boy (role as Jang-son)
  • 2004 – The Big Swindle (role as휘발류 (“Petrol”))
  • 2005 – The President’s Last Bang (role as KCIA agent Jang), She’s on Duty (role as Detective Kang), You Are My Sunshine (role as Kim Kyung-bae)
  • 2006 – Over The Border (role as Drunk Man (cameo)), Detective Mr. Gong (role as Detective Ji), Lump Sugar (role as Chief Hong), Between Love and Hate (role as Director Jeon), Tazza: The High Rollers (role as Park Mu-seok)
  • 2007 – The Old Garden (role as Geon), The Happy Life (role as Hyuk-soo), Le Grand Chef (role as Woo), Bank Attack (role as Delivery Man)
  • 2008 – His Last Gif (role as Yong-tae), Boy Director (role as Village Head)
  • 2009 – A Million (role as Removal Service Squad Leader), A Good Rain Knows (role as President Ji), Jeon Woo-chi: The Taoist Wizard (role as Priest)
  • 2010 – Blades of Blood (role as Park Dol-seok (cameo)), Moss (role as Jeon Seok-man)
  • 2011 – Heartbeat (role as Team Leader Jo), In Love and War (role as Mr. Baek), Moby Dick (role as Son Jin-ki), Champ (role as Sheriff), Punch (role as middle-age man from the house in front)
  • 2013 – Running Man (role as Ahn Sang-ki, Hope (role as Gwang-shik
  • 2014 – Haemoo (role as Ho-young)
  • 2015 – Wonderful Nightmare (role as Chief Lee), The Beauty Inside (role as Woo-jin), The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale (role as Chil-gu)
  • 2016 – Will You Be There? (role as Tae-ho), Proof of Innocence (role as Kwon Soon-tae
  • 2017 – Fabricated City (role as Ma Deok-soo), Ordinary Person (role as Chu Jae-jin
  • 2018 – Negotiation, Witness (role as Jae-yeop), Yakiniku Dragon (role as Yong-gil)

Kim Sang-ho’s 2018 Movie Spoiler

There’s a lot of hallyu celebrities who often appeared as cast members in Japanese movies, but this time, Kim Sang-ho and Lee Jung-eun become part of the cast of a big Japanese movie, entitled Yakiniku Dragon. The movie itself chose Kansai around 1970 as the background location. This movie tells the story of a Korean man, named Yong-gil (Kim Sang-ho) who moved to Japan with his wife Young Soon (Lee Jung-eun). They build a small restaurant and have 3 daughters, their 1st daughter is  Jung-hwa/Shizuka (Yoko Maki), 2nd daughter is Yi-hwa/Rika (Mao Inoue), and 3rd daughter is Mi-hwa/Mika (Nanami Sakuraba).

The story line is about the love story of Yong-gil’s daughters. The 1st daughter, Jung-hwa, was dating Tetsuo (Yo Oizumi), but then they broke up. The 2nd daughter, Yi-hwa, falls in love with Tetsuo, and finally gets married to him, but Tetsuo still has the same feeling for Jung-hwa, and he still love her. He decided to divorce from Yi-hwa. Besides them, the 3rd daughter, Mi-hwa, has a dream of becoming a singer, falls in love with a man is already married to another woman.

The Yakiniku Dragon was written and produced by Whishing Chong, who was born and raised in Japan, but his nationality is Korean. As the 3rd generation Korean immigrant to Japan, Whishing Chong knows really well how Korean immigrants live their lives in Japan.

Yakiniku Dragon used to be a theatrical show that was upgraded to a big screen movie because the writer himself, Whishing Chong has successfully made a great work to show the Korean immigrant’s life in Japan around 1950, 1960, and 1970. The movie has many cast members from both Korean and Japan. The movie is a warm story of a family and it will be released on June 22nd, 2018.


  • 1996 –먼지아기, 오필리어 (Ophelia)
  • 1998 -지상으로부터 20미터
  • 2003 –종로고양이, 어무이 어무이요, 인류 최초의 키스 (A First Kiss in Human History)
  • 2004 -남자충동 (Men’s Impulse)


  • 2012 – Ce Song with Yoo Jun-sang & Kwak Dong-yeon (My Husband Got a Family넝쿨째 굴러온 당신 OST Pt.2)

Awards and Nominations
  • Kim Sang-ho won awards at the 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards (2007) in the category of Best Supporting Actor for The Happy Life and at the KBS Drama Awards (2012) in the category of Best Supporting Actor for My Husband Got a Family
  • Kim Sang-ho got nominated at the 4th Korea Drama Awards (2011) for the Best Supporting Actor award for City Hunter & Twinkle Twinkle, and at the 48th Grand Bell Awards (2011) in the category of Best Supporting Actor for Moby Dick

Articles About Kim Sang-ho

The City Hunter’s Cast, Kim Sang-ho praised his junior, Lee Min-ho

The handsome-looking actor with features like prince charming, Lee Min-ho, was praised by his co-worker from City Hunter, Kim Sang-ho.

In April 2013, Kim Sang-ho was a guest on SBS Power FM ‘2PM Escape Cultwo Show,’ and the DJ asked him about what it was like working with Lee Min Ho on the SBS Drama City Hunter.
Kim Sang Ho responded, “Lee Min-ho is gentle and handsome. For someone like him, achieving so much at that age is amazing.” He also complimented, “I told him that the world is a dangerous place so he needs to be careful, but also wished him into becoming a great actor. He’s a great junior.” (cr:

Kim Sang-ho is very well known as a popular and legendary South Korean actor. He can act really well, and hypnotizes every viewer with his special character in every drama and movie. He has also had the chance to appear in every popular drama and movie and also starred with popular celebrities, which led to his name becoming more popular and him getting highly appreciated for his hard work in the entertainment industry. Let’s us support him on every project he has this year and in the future!