Profile and Facts of The Rising Korean Star Who Will Melts Your Heart Kim Samuel!

Samuel on Produce 101

Samuel Kim

In 2017, Samuel participated in Produce 101 Season 2. He became a famous contestant, but sadly, in the final round, he was only ranked 18 with a vote of 391,529. So, he wasn’t able to debut with Wanna One. He once cried when he was eliminated from the competition.

He revealed that he thought he would make it to his debut through Produce 101. He also added that he was quite disappointed when he failed. He thought that he wouldn’t come this far, but he was given support from his friends, family, and also his fans. He had his own power to pass the hard times of Produce 101 and go far.

Samuel was a trainee for 5 years and 3 months. Right after Produce 101 Season 2 was over, his agency confirmed that he will solo debut with his mini-album Sixteen.

Let’s Follow Samuel on Instagram!

Samuel Kim

Just like other celebs in the world, Samuel also has an Instagram account! If you haven’t followed him yet, just go to @bravpunxh and you’ll find him!

On his posts, we often see pictures of himself. We also see his daily activities and his childhood pictures. More often, we see Samuel’s pictures with cute filters. Here are some pictures that you’ll see on his Instagram!

Kim Samuel


Kim Samuel


Kim Samuel

Samuel in Seventeen


Seventeen is a boy group raised under Pledis Entertainment where Samuel used to be a trainee before moving to Brave Entertainment. When Samuel was in Pledis Entertainment, he used to be a trainee with the other members of Seventeen.

The other members of Seventeen watched Samuel during his struggle on Produce 101 and gave him a lot of love and support. Seventeen’s Mingyu said that he was shocked after seeing the difference of Samuel. “When I saw him on the television, I realized that his voice had changed, and he became taller,” he added.

“I think Samuel literally did his best. Even since he was still a child, he already had passion. He showed us the passion that every child didn’t have,” Seventeen’s S.Coups stated.

Sixteen by Samuel

Samuel Kim

Samuel made his solo debut on August 17! Through the mini-album Sixteen, we can hear his fantastic voice and see his performances onstage. In addition, Samuel also released the MV for the single “Sixteen.”

In the MV, we can see that the song is about a guy who falls in love with a girl and wants to make the first move. Samuel also shows off his talent in this mini-album. Each song has its own unique style including hip-hop, upbeat, R&B hip-hop, etc. Samuel also collaborated with Changmo for “Sixteen.” In the MV, we can even see Samuel’s dance moves!

Here’s the tracklist of Sixteen:

1. Jewel Box

2. Sixteen

3. I Got

4. It

5. With U

6. 1 2 3 (One Two Three)

7. I’m Ready

So, which song is your favorite?