Profile and Facts of The Rising Korean Star Who Will Melts Your Heart Kim Samuel!

Samuel Kim

Meet The Handsome Rising Star Kim Samuel

Kim Samuel, also known as Samuel, is a rapper, singer, and model in South Korea. As a young idol, his talent can’t be resisted. With that aesthetic-unique appearance, Samuel must be an unforgettable idol! Being a Korean-Mexican idol was a lot of pressure, but his passion kept him going!

Through this article, Channel Korea will introduce you to Samuel, so just stay tuned!

Samuel’s Profile

Samuel Kim

For all those who don’t know Samuel yet, here’s his profile and general information!

Birth Name: Samuel Arredondo Kim / Kim Samuel (김사무엘)

Stage Name: Samuel (사무엘)

Date of Birth: January 17, 2002

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Blood Type: A

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Samuel is a rapper, singer, and model in South Korea. He is also a b-boy dancer. He was born in Los Angeles, California, on January 20, 2002. His mother is Korean while his father is Mexican. But, Samuel’s nationality is American. He has a younger sister named Susie. He can speak English, Korean, and Spanish.

Initially, Samuel was introduced by Pledis Entertainment through Seventeen TV and was supposed to debut with Seventeen. However, he left Pledis Entertainment in 2013 for personal reason and moved to Brave Entertainment, starting his career again as a trainee there. After being eliminated from Produced 101 Season 2, Samuel made his solo debut through the mini-album Sixteen. On his mini-album, he collaborated with Chungha for the song “With U.”

Kim Samuel

In 2015, Samuel debuted with the group 1Punch, and his stage name was Punch. For all you guys familiar with his face, you might have already seen him before! Yes, Samuel also collaborated with Silento on Silento’s single “Spotlight.” He also joined Silento’s tour.

In June 2018, Samuel became the host for Pops in Seoul. He also acted in the web drama Revenge Note 2. He is good at photography, and he can also play the drums. He also won Dance War out of eight other contestants. Well, Samuel indeed is such a multi-talented young guy!

Have You Seen Samuel’s Parents?

Samuel Kim

As we said before, Samuel is a Korean-American-Mexican celebrity. His mother is from Korea, and his father is from Mexico but was living in Los Angeles. That’s why Samuel was born in Los Angeles, and his nationality is American. His father has a golf course in Bakersfield, California. Samuel also has a younger sister named Susie.

Kim Samuel's parents

The picture on the right shows Samuel and his mother.


Kim Samuel

Look how cute Samuel is with his sister, Susie!


Kim Samuel

This is Samuel with his father and sister. Well, he looks more like his mother, right? But, we can feel his father’s charisma in Samuel’s appearance!

Samuel’s School Life

Samuel Kim

While he was in school, Samuel once said that his favorite subject was physical education. He was still 16, so at this age, he was likely in senior high school. But, he decided not to attend senior high school after he graduated from middle school the past February.

His decision to not attend senior high school was discussed with his family. His current agency Brave Entertainment revealed that Samuel didn’t attend senior high school due to Produce 101, his solo debut, and his album promotions. It would just be too hard to manage. Samuel eventually decided to be homeschooled so he can focus on his studies and career.