Kim Samuel, Jeon So-mi, Seventeen’s Vernon, and Other Half-Korean Idols in the K-pop Industry

The Boyz’s Haknyeon

If most of the half-Korean are mixed with western, this time is different. The Boyz’s lead dancer Ju Hak-nyeon is a half Chinese (Hong Kong) and half Korean. He also has a Chinese name, Chow Hok Nin/Zhou Xue Nian, and an English name Brian Ju. As he is half-Chinese, Haknyeon can fluently speak Mandarin and Cantonese. He was also born with an unbelievable visual, although he has no western blood.

After failing to debut with Wanna One, Haknyeon’s fans were surprised and delighted as he debuted with The Boyz under Cre.Ker Entertainment. Unfortunately, they were accused of plagiarism of NCT’s hand signature which shows the “Z” sign. At their debut era, this was a super hot topic as the group who just debuted already got themselves involved in a plagiarism scandal with a popular band.

Shannon Williams


Shannon Arrum Williams is a solo artist who has a pretty figure, because she is half English and half Korean, and her Korean name is Arem Kim. Her Father is Chris Williams and her mother Kim Jung-mi. She also has two older half-brothers from her father’s previous marriage, Christian Williams and Jonah Williams. She was born in London, UK, and lived there, but she moved to South Korea to pursue her dream of becoming an idol.


Shannon used to be a trainee who was preparing to be the main vocalist of a girl group, but she wanted to sing more so she persuaded her agency to debut as a solo artist. Unfortunately, after releasing two mini-albums and a single, Shannon Williams has not made another comeback. She suddenly issued a statement that her agency abandoned her, that they refuse to release her comeback works and they don’t even pay her salary. Which is why she is planning to move to the UK and continue pursuing her dream there.

Badkiz’s Monika

Former Badkiz member Monika is also one of the half-blooded line idols. Her Korean name is Yeh Kang, and she was born in Gwangju, South Korea. She got her western blood from her father who is from Germany. She can speak English, Korean, and German.

Monika decided to begin a solo career and leave the group that made her name popular. She said that she had to make a hard decision after talking with all the members and the company. She said that they fully support her, and also she asked everyone to keep supporting Badkiz.


Yasuo Namekawa, or familiarly known as Kangnam, is an artist from second-generation K-Pop, M.I.B. He is also a half-blooded idol, but not from the west. He has Japanese and Korean blood running through his veins coming from his Japanese father and Korean mother. He spent most of his childhood in Japan as he was born there, and some in Hawaii. Kangnam is a hard-working person, as he struggled so much to pursue his dream in the entertainment industry.

Kangnam was reported of having married the skating athlete Lee Sang-hwa. They held their wedding ceremony on October 12th, 2019, at a hotel in Seoul, South Korea. His agency Dmost Entertainment asked for people’s blessings and support for these two love birds.