Kim Samuel, Jeon So-mi, Seventeen’s Vernon, and Other Half-Korean Idols in the K-pop Industry

Momoland’s Nancy

Nancy’s amazing visual has been a hot topic since she debuted as a member of Momoland. Her incredible face made her really cute and pretty. Nancy has an American father and a Korean mother. Although she was born in Daegu, South Korea, she was raised in Ohio, United States. Nancy said, she could speak English but she is more fluent in Korean, how cute! Her real name is Nancy Jowel McDonie, while her Korean name is Lee Seung-ri.

Nancy is the visual, center, lead vocal, and lead dancer of Momoland. She is also a part of Sunny Girls along with Eunha from GFriend, Cheng Xiao from WJSN, Nayoung from Gugudan, and YooA from Oh My Girl. Recently, she was rumored to date The Boyz’s Q because they were caught having a drink together along with Eric and Cherry Bullet’s Jiwon. Both of their agencies denied this issue and said they were just friends. Nancy got many negative comments because of this, and it’s so unfortunate for her because she is just an ordinary person who wants to hang out with friends.

TXT’s Huening Kai


Huening Kai, the maknae of TXT, is also known for his handsome blended face. He was born with the name Kai Kamal Huening, in Honolulu, Hawaii. He got the Korean blood from his mother, and Brazilian-German blood from his father. Because he lived overseas since he was a kid, Huening Kai fluently speaks English. But now, he is also fluent in Korean, Mandarin, and Portuguese.


Huening Kai started his journey in the entertainment industry by debuting in TXT, the hoobae of BTS. Huening Kai was the third member to be announced, and he is the maknae, rapper, and lead vocalist of TXT.

Ex-Pristin’s Kyla

Before disbanding, Pristin had one half-Korean member, and she is Kyla. Kyla’s real name is Kyla Solhee Massie because she was born from a Korean mother and an American father. She was born in Indiana, USA but moved to California. She has an older brother named Luke, and a younger sister named Karisa. Before joining Pledis Entertainment, Kyla did quite a few CFs and was a child actress and model in America.

Recently, Kyla promised to the fans that she would reveal the truth about what happened to Pristin in her upcoming first video on YouTube, and people are really curious about it because Pristin was known as a talented group with minimum scandals. Someone also asked in her Instagram whether it’s worth to have a dream as an idol. She said that it’s indeed worth and she should pursue that dream, as long as she is in a company that fully supports that dream. People might think that this sentence was a kind of casting a shadow over Pledis Entertainment.