Let’s Take a Loot at Kim Sae-ron’s Transformation Since Her Debut Till Now


Details About Kim Sae-ron’s Transformation and Her Latest News

In this article, Channel Korea will explain everything about Kim Sae-ron’s transformation from her debut as an actress until now. Kim Sae-ron is an actress from South Korea that debuted in 2009. She began her career when she was nine years old and became a popular child star. As Kim Sae-ron reached her teenage years, she was cast in more leading roles, notably in the film A Girl at My Door (2014) and her name became so popular since staring in the drama Hi! School-Love On (2014) with INFINITE’s Woohyun and Sungyeol. Her first adult leading role was in the television drama Mirror of the Witch (2016).

Kim Sae-ron was born on July 31st, 2000. She also has two younger sisters who are also actresses, Ah Ron and Ye Ron. Kim Sae-ron attended Miyang Elementary School in Seoul, and graduated from Yang-il Middle School in Ilsan in February 2016. She then started attending the School of Performing Arts in Seoul. In 2018, Kim was admitted to Chung-Ang University, the Department of Performing Arts and Film Studies. Now, want to know more about Kim Sae-ron’s transformation? Check this out!

Kim Sae-ron’s Childhood Photos


This is a picture of Kim Sae-ron as a child while starring in her first film, titled A Brand New Life in 2009. Kim Sae-ron played the main character, a nine-year-old girl named Jin Hee, who is abandoned by her father at an orphanage after he remarries, and is later adopted by a French couple. Kim Sae-ron attended the Cannes Film Festival when the film was shown there as a special screening, becoming the youngest actress to be invited to the festival.


This is a picture of Kim Sae-ron starring in her first drama in 2011, titled Listen to My Heart. She appeared in the first four episodes, and her performance was praised by TV critics.


Doesn’t Kim Sae-ron look adorable and pretty in Christmas clothes? In 2010, when she was nine years old, Kim Sae-ron won several awards for her first two roles, including Best New Actress at the Korean Film Awards and Buil Film Awards.


Besides having an adorable face, Kim Sae-ron also has a body shape that is quite tall and thin. Kim Sae-ron’s manager said she had, “a great eye for good scripts which made it possible for her to choose her own projects at a very young age.” Kim Sae-ron also stated that she never had difficulty accepting difficult roles and was able to slowly immerse herself in the characters.


Kim Sae-ron did have a very unique and adorable face. In addition, coupled with her talented acting skills since childhood, Kim Sae-ron’s name is widely known by the public. She also was nominated for many awards, winning Best New Actress at the 35th Blue Dragon Film Awards and Golden Cinematography Awards, and winning the Best Young Actress Award at the2013 MBC Drama Awards. First, she debuted as an actress under Fantagio, but since 2016 she has signed a contract with YG Entertainment.

Kim Sae-ron’s Debut as a Child Actress


Kim Sae-ron debuted as an actress when she was just nine years old. At that time, she starred in her first film titled A Brand New Life in 2009. Kim Sae-ron played the role of Jin Hee and since starring in the film, Kim Sae-ron’s acting ability deserves great praise. Although only nine years old, but she already had a very good acting ability and could follow the procedures given. Jin Hee, the character she played is a child waiting to be adopted.

Successfully starring in her first film, Kim Sae-ron starred in her first drama in 2011 titled Can You Hear My Heart. Kim Sae-ron played the younger version of Bong Woo-ri and only appeared in four episodes. Then, the name Kim Sae-ron became more popular after she starred in one of the quite popular dramas in 2014, Hi! School Love On. In the drama, Kim Sae-ron played Lee Seul-bi and acted together with INFINITE’s Woohyun and Seungyeol.

The drama successfully made Kim Sae-ron increasingly popular and obtain many fans at the age of 14. Kim Sae-ron played the role of a high school student going through love and maturity as an angel becomes a human to save a male high school student.

The last drama she starred in was Secret Healer in 2016 and Kim Sae-ron played Seo Ri. Seo Ri is a princess who has become a witch. This drama is quite popular and many people who appreciate Kim Sae-ron’s acting skills are excited to see her on the small screens. Then, the last film she starred in was 2018 with the title Ordinary People. In the film, Kim Sae-ron plays Kang Yoo-jin. This film is also a film that is quite popular because it stars famous actresses and actors such as, Ma Dong-seok, Lee Sang-yeob, and Oh Hee-joon.

Acting Alongside Won Bin in The Man From Nowhere


After the success of her first film in 2009, in 2010 Kim Sae-ron again starred in a film together with Won Bin titled The Man From Nowhere. In the film The Man From Nowhere, Kim Sae-ron plays Jung So-mi and Won Bin plays Cha Tae-sik. The film also made the name Kim Sae-ron increasingly popular and is known by many people because of her excellent acting skills, even at the age of ten.

Kim Sae-ron also recounted the process of her election in the film. “Actually Won Bin ajusshi and I are not the people who should have been chosen for the film,” she said. “Actually, there was another young actress who should have gotten the role but she resigned because she had to film a TV series. The audition process was very difficult and only that child actress got the role but fortunately, then I was able to join the cast of The Man From Nowhere.”

She then revealed that she started crying after successfully getting the role. “I finally joined The Man From Nowhere and I remember that time crying continuously,” she admitted. “I’ve been playing supporting roles for a long time. I was very happy because I finally felt an exciting acting experience after the main role in the film A Brand New Life,” she said.