Top Dramas and Movies Starring Kim Sae-ron That You Should Watch!

I Am a Dad


I Am a Dad, or also known as I Am Father, is a South Korean action drama film directed by Jeon Man-bae and Lee Se-yeong, and written by Yoon Hyeon-ho. This drama which was aired in 2011 stars Kim Seung-woo as a corrupt policeman who traps innocent people.


This thriller genre film tells the story of a detective named Han Jong-shik, he was involved in a corruption case to treat his sick daughter. Not only that, Han Jong-shik became a member of the gangster to get a lot of money. So he had the heart to slander his own fellow member named Na Sang-man. Because of the slander by Han Jong-shik, Na Sang-man lost his wife and child, which in turn made Na Sang-man take revenge on Han Jong-shik.

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A Girl At My Door


A Girl at My Door is a South Korean drama film directed by July Jung staring Bae Doo-na as a policewoman who takes in an abused girl played by Kim Sae-ron. This movie was released on May 22nd, 2014. The movie screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.


The film tells the story of a police academy graduate named Lee Young-nam who was assigned to a small village. There Lee Young-nam met a daughter named Seon Doo-hee who was always a victim of violence by her father. Because of pity, Lee Young-nam let Seon Doo-hee live with her. But one resident in the village learned of Lee Young-nam’s secret and it threatened her.

Snowy Road

Snowy Road first aired on KBS1 in 2015 as a 2-episode drama special, and then was edited into a feature-length film. Snowy Road is South Korean historical drama film directed by Lee Na-jeong which narrates the story of two teenage girls’ tragic fate during the Japanese occupation of Korea. This movie had its world premiere at the 2015 Jeonju International Film Festival. This movie was theatrically released on March 1st, 2017, also known as the Independence Movement Day in South Korea, which commemorates the 1919 March 1st Movement.


The film tells the story of two teenage girls named Kang Young-ae and Cha Jong-boon who become female entertainers of Japanese soldiers. Pregnant Kang Young-ae feels depressed and decides to commit suicide by drowning herself in an ice lake. But Cha Jong-boon managed to save her and encourage her to stay alive. They both became friends and planned to escape from the Japanese army camp.
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Manhole is a South Korean thriller which was directed by Shin Jae-young. Manhole is a Korean film that tells a story about serial murder. This film was released in October 2014.


This thriller genre is about two girls named Song Yi and Soo Jung who were kidnapped in a manhole. Soo Jung’s sister tried to find her younger sister, she met Jong Ho, who was Song Yi’s father who were both looking for the whereabouts of her family members.


The Villagers

barista7 티스토리

The Villagers, or also known as Ordinary People, is a South Korean action thriller directed by Im Jin-sun, starring Ma Dong-seok and Kim Sae-ron. This movie was released on November 7th, 2018.


This action thriller genre film tells the story of a high school sports teacher in the countryside who is facing a mysterious incident. One day a girl named Yoo-jin asked about the whereabouts of her friend who had disappeared one by one.

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