Meet Korean TV Personality and Actress Kim Sae-rom

Get to Know Kim Sae-rom

Kim Sae-rom is a 32-year-old talented television personality, actress, and model. She started her career in the entertainment industry in 2004, and has been a part of many famous variety shows in Korea.

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Profile of Kim Sae-rom

Name: Kim Sae-rom (김새롬)

Date and Place of Birth: October 2nd, 1987, in Goyang, Gyeong Gi, South Korea

Occupation: Actress, Model, Broadcaster, and Television Personality

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 51 kg

Star Sign: Libra

Family: Mother, father, and a younger brother

Marital Status: Divorced from Lee Chan-oh

Kim Sae-rom’s Filmography


  • 2008: Life Special Investigation Team on MBC
  • 2009: – Swallow the Sun on SBS
             – Jung Yak Yong on OCN
  • 2010: More Charming by the Day on MBC
  • 2012: Tight Family on E Channel

Variety Shows

  • 2015: – My Little Television on MBC, as a Guest in episodes 11,12,13, and 14
              – I Can See Your Voice on Mnet, Guest Appearance in episode 2 of Season 2
              – Same Bed, Different Dreams on SBS, as a Guest in episode 28
              – King of Masked Singer on MBC, as a Guest Panelist in episode 39
  • 2016: – Talents for Sale as In-house buyer on KBS (Episode 3 and 4)
              – Same Bed, Different Dreams on SBS, as a Guest in episode 54 and 55

More About Kim Sae-rom’s Personal Life

In 2015, the local Korean news media reported that Kim Sae-rom and celebrity chef Lee Chan-oh finally tied the knot on August 13th, 2015.

A source from Kim Sae-rom’s management agency in a phone interview said, “She is expected to be married to chef Lee Chan-oh in August. They are opting out of having a big ceremony and will have a small gathering with parents and relatives from both families attending.”.

According to the report, Kim Sae-rom got close with the celebrity chef through a friend, and a source said, “She met Lee Chan-oh coincidentally, at a gathering with friends, in April.” They continued, “She is planning to continue with her career after getting married and is definitely not pregnant at the moment.”

Her Lovely Husband and Wedding Photo

Here are some photos of Sae-rom and her husband being lovely towards each other and some of her wedding photos.

The last photo is of Kim Sae-rom and Lee Chan-oh’s appearance in Oh Se Duk’s variety show program on MBC titled My Little Television. The couple caused many people to feel envious of them at the time because of their incredible chemistry.

Kim Sae-rom’s Hot Controversy!

The Lovable Couple Ended Their Relationship and Decided to Divorce.

After a year and four months of being married, both Kim Sae-rom and Lee Chan-oh announced that they are getting a divorce. On December 23rd, a source said that the reasons why the couple filed for divorce were “irreconcilable differences in personality.”

The agency of Kim Sae-rom stated, “They have mutually come to this decision after giving it much thought.” They also asked the public to restrain from harmful comments and negative assumptions.

They also explained that their difference in career and lifestyle was also one of the reasons for the couple’s decision, but they clarified that more details are unknown because it was Kim Sae-rom and Lee Chan-oh’s private matter. Then, they concluded that she will continue with her schedule and will not refrain from activities due to the matter. Same with Lee Chan-oh, who will also continue his work in his restaurant.

A Leaked Video of the Couple

Following the announcement of their sad news, a video was leaked that allegedly reveals more details about their divorce reasons.

Lee Chan-oh

There have been speculations about Lee Chan Oh being unfaithful. A photo of Lee Chan-oh and an unidentified woman sitting in his lap at a restaurant, taken a few months ago, was claimed as the basic reason for their divorce. But then a video surfaced the internet creating new speculations about the situation. This time, the celebrity chef was enjoying his massive popularity in a show, Take Care Of My Fridge.

Kim Sae-rom

On the other hand, there are videos showing Kim Sae-rom in a drunken state and physically abusing her husband. In the video, it can be seen that she kicked him, while Lee Chan-oh was on the ground, holding his phone out to record the situation that he experienced.

According to the date of the recording, this happened before his alleged affair with the unidentified woman. The original source of the video also stated that it wasn’t an isolated incident and she also physically abused Lee Chan-oh every time she was drunk, which also happened quite often. Here is the video that shows her abusive attitude towards her ex-husband:

The release of this video brought about many new speculations regarding the reasons for the couple’s divorce. Then Kim Sae-rom’s agency issued a simple statement saying, “We are checking into it.”

Her Ex-Husband Blames Kim Sae-rom – why?

The celebrity chef, ex-husband of Kim Sae-rom was arrested by the local police.

He appeared in the court where he was being investigated to determine the validity of his arrest warrant where Lee Chan-oh claimed, “The domestic violence of his ex-wife Kim Sae-rom and the divorce actually caused him to feel depressed which led to him using drugs.”

Then. in October, a parcel containing four grams of hashish was found in Lee Chan-oh’s house. The drug is illegal and is similar to marijuana, but much stronger. When his urine test results came, they showed that he was positive for using it.