Did Actress Kim Sa-rang Undergo Plastic Surgery? Let’s Compare Her Before and After Surgery Photos!

The Real Surgery That Kim Sa-rang has Done


Kim Sa-rang’s agency has said that she had undergone surgery after an incident in Milan, Italy. Evidently, she fell into a large hole at a well-known furniture store in Milan, that she wasn’t aware of the hole’s presence. As she fell into the two-meter-deep hole, she suffered fractures on her ankle and bruises all over her body.

The agency explained, Immediately after the accident, she complained of pain in her right foot, and got in an ambulance with the help of rescue workers and the police. She was taken to the hospital, where it was identified that she had a fracture in her right foot and had to receive emergency treatment.

As she was advised by the doctor in Milan to do surgery on her fractured foot, she and her manager decided to do the surgery in Korea instead. Her surgery was successful and she was resting physically and mentally from that shocking incident.

Regardless of how Kim Sa-rang is, we should admit that she has an eternal beauty and appreciate her for her work and achievements. Kim Sa-rang is literally the representation of a woman role model which has the complete package of beauty, brain, and skills.