Did Kim Rae-won Undergo Plastic Surgery? Lets Compare Before-and-After Pictures!


The Handsome Actor Kim Rae-won

Kim Rae-won first stole the public’s heart through the romantic comedy series Cats on the Roof (2003). He also participated in many other notable dramas, like Love Story in Harvard (2004)Which Star Are You From (2006), and Doctors (2016), He’s also done movies like My Little Bride (2004), and The Prison (2017).

Dispatch put together a list of actors and actresses with their Before-After images, including Kim Rae Won, who piqued public’s curiosity about whether the actor had ever undergone plastic surgery.


Kim Rae-won starred in Healing Camp in 2013. On the show, he said that he had decided to stay in America for a while after he finished filming for My Little Bride. He revealed that he gained 15 kg while staying in America, because he ate hamburgers most of the time he was there, and weighed up to 90 kg, at one point.


But it’s a known fact that when actors or actresses are confirmed for taking a role in a movie or a drama, they usually make some changes to their appearance to better fit the role they’ll be portraying. Sometimes those changes are drastic. They will do anything they need to, like working out, dieting, or doing a make-over to achieve the appearance they need.

Rather than plastic surgery, it is more likely that he’s just doing his duty as an actor. For his role in the film Gangnam Blues (2015), he lost 15 kilograms. Not long after that, for the SBS drama, Punch (2014-2015), he lost an additional 5 kilograms to better portray his role, Park Jeong-hwan, who learns he has a brain tumor and only has six months to live.


Here is the compilation of Kim Rae-won images from his early debut until 2018!

In 2018, Kim Rae-won has been confirmed to be participating in two films, Long Live the King, where he’ll portray a mob boss who campaigns and becomes a politician, and also a romantic comedy, The Most Ordinary Romance, which is the story of a realistic romance between a couple in their 30s. Both films are scheduled to be released in 2019.