About Kim Ok-bin: Profile, Sister, Husband, Movies, and TV Shows

Participation in TV-Shows

Kim Ok-bin

Not opting-out of the small screen, Kim Ok-bin is also actively starring in dramas. Her first appearance on TV is through the two part SBS Drama Hanoi Bride in 2005. The drama is aired during the Chuseok holidays to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Vietnam War.

In 2006 she took part in KBS’ Hello, God as the leading role, Seo Eun-hye, a trickster in the drama series. During the filming process she had doubts regarding her performance which lead her to constantly cry before filming a scene. The lack of sleep, only getting two hours of sleep every night, eventually lead to the collapse of the actress on set.

Her perfectionist tendencies does not go away in her future involvement in dramas. Later that year she took on the role of Jeong Hee-su, an aspiring pop singer, for MBC’s drama Over The Rainbow. For the role she had to learn how to break-dance and sing. She however raised the concern of many people after revealing that during the filming that she only had one meal per day.

Although her participation in drama series isn’t as active as her involvement in the big screen, she recently starred in OCN’s drama Children of a Lesser God. This drama tells the story of two detectives who work together to unravel corruption masked behind a tragedy.

List of TV Shows

Year Title Role Network Notes
2005 Hanoi Bride  Lý Thị Vũ SBS
2006 Hello, God Seo Eun-hye KBS2
Over The Rainbow Jeong Hee-su MBC The singer for “Start”, the soundtrack.
2007 War of Money Lee Soo-young SBS Appeared in the four bonus episodes
2013 The Blade and Petal Princess So-hee/Moo-young KBS2
2014 Yoo-na’s Street Kang Yoo-na JTBC
2018 Children of a Lesser God Kim Dan OCN


Singing and Dancing

Kim Ok bin

Other than being a prodigy in acting, Kim Ok-bin is plenty talented in other performing arts such as singing and dancing. Part of her acting roles demand the need for her to dance, such as her role in the drama Over The Rainbow (2006) as an aspiring pop singer and in the movie The Accidental Gangster and The Mistaken Courtesan (2008) as a Joseon era Gisaeng.

Besides acting and dancing, Kim Ok-bin proved to be quite the singer herself. She had the chance to sing “Start”, a song for her drama Over The Rainbow and start her own rock band called Ok Punk. Ok Punk is a band consisting of Kim Seulong and Lee Hyunsong of Toxic (the band who won KBS’ Top Band competition), Dennis (the guitarist of Doctor Core 911) and Lee Tae San (the vocalist for GoGo Star). She herself took on becoming a vocalist. The band received a bit of limelight from their own variety show titled Kim Ok Bin’s OK Punk that was broadcasted by Mnet.

She recently showcased her talent in dancing on JTBC’s Knowing Brothers. She appeared on the program’s 79th episode alone as a means for her movie, The Vilainness, promotion.

Dating Rumors; Boyfriend and Husband

Kim Ok Bin Lee Hee Joon

Having a long running career of thirteen years has made Kim Ok-bin quite secretive about her personal life. Out of the thirteen years she’s spent under constant watch by the public, she has only ever been in two public relationships.

The first public relationship she had was with Huh Jae-hoon, a member of the group band Schizo. She and Huh Jae-hoon dated for quite a long time, two and a half years, but ended their relationship in April of 2013.

Another, more recent public relationship she’s had was with fellow actor, Lee Hee Joon. The couple met due to taking the same project, Yoona’s Street, and had been hitting it off since then. Their relationship was short lived however, and ended within six months.

There are many rumors surrounding the beautiful actress, including engagement and marriage rumors. The rumors however proved to be naught, confirming that Kim Ok-bin is still on the market for the next potential suitor.