About Kim Ok-bin: Profile, Sister, Husband, Movies, and TV Shows

Kim Ok-bin

Conquering the Korean box office at the age of 22, Kim Ok-bin, also known as Kim Ok-vin, is a Korean Actress who is famous for her ability in pulling off many sides of a character. Coming from a simple family, Kim Ok-bin has come a long way to making her name internationally known.

Kim Ok-Bin’s Profile

Kim Ok-bin

Name:Kim Ok-bin/ Kim Ok-vin (김옥빈)

Birth date: January 3rd 1987

Birth place: Suncheon, South Korea

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Blood Type: A

Zodiac: Capricorn

Education: Kyunghee University

Social Media: instagram (@kimokvin)

Entertainment Agency: Huayi Brothers Entertainment

Childhood and Early Life

Kim Ok-bin was born to a simple family in Gwangyang, South Korea. She was born into a five member family, being the oldest daughter of three. As a child she was known to be interested in cars, motorcycles, speed racing, building computers and sports, such as soccer and baseball. As a child she was also trained in martial arts and obtained 3rd dan in Hapkido and 2nd dan in Taekwondo. She also practices Muay Thai and boxing.

Kim Ok-bin first took an interest in the world of performing arts in middle school. Paired with her good looks and natural talent, she prospered in her roles, substantially making her a popular figure throughout middle and high school. Unfortunately, she had to drop out high school due to financial reasons. It was said that she dropped out of high school to provide a better life for her two sisters and opted to self study for herself.

After dropping out of high school, she participated in an online beauty competition sponsored by Naver in 2004. She later won the contest that became her stepping stone into the Korean Entertainment Industry. From this point on, she was noticed by talent agencies in Korea and later on auditioned for a role in the movie Voice (2005).

Chae Seo-jin, Lovely Sister of Kim Ok-bin

Chae Seo-jin Kim Ok-bin

Superior genes seem to run in Kim Ok-bin’s family. Out of three siblings, two ended up becoming goddesses in the Korean Entertainment Industry. With a seven year difference, Chae Seo-jin (birth name Kim Ko-woon) followed her older sister’s footsteps in the performing arts.

Chae Seo-jin started her acting career in 2006, taking the role of young Jung Hee-soo in Over The Rainbow. Just like her sister, she took acting very seriously and enrolled in one of Korea’s best arts school, School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA) and continued her education in Korea National University of Arts.

Identical to her sister Chae Seo-jin, she is also managed by the same entertainment agency, Huayi Brothers Entertainment, which she joined in 2017. The close relationship between the two siblings can be seen by Kim Ok-bin’s instagram photos.

Kim Ok-bin Chae Seo-jin

Kim Ok-bin uploaded the photos showing the girls in flower crowns hanging out together. In another photo, Kim Ok-bin seemed to be looking at Chae Seo-jin with a loving gaze.

Kim Ok-bin’s Involvement in The Korean Movie Industry

Kim Ok bin

Despite having little to no experience on the big screen, Kim Ok-bin debuted in the Korean Entertainment Industry through the movie Voice, a horror movie, in 2005. She took on the role of one of the three leads named Park Young-eon. Her role in the movie landed her a nomination for the Best New Actress award in the 26th Blue Dragon Film Awards and 42nd Baeksang Arts Awards.

The success of her first role reverberated throughout the entertainment industry, making her a hot topic for producers and directors of movies within the industry. In 2006, she caught the eye of the movie director, E J-Yong, who cast her as the main character for his movie, Daseppo Naughty Girls. In this movie, Kim Ok-bin took on the character of a poor high school student who resorts to prostitution to support her family. E J-Yong expressed that he personally chose Kim Ok-bin due to her maturity, and expressed that she was one of the most mature actress he ever worked with and knew that she would be able to play the character well. Kim Ok-bin received much praise for being able to perform well despite filming many explicit sex scenes.

Her next role on the big screen came in the form of Seol-ji, a Joseon Era Gisaeng in the movie The Accidental Gangster and the Mistaken Courtesan (2008). For this role, Kim Ok-bin had to take traditional Korean dance lessons for two months. Despite her expertise in the silver screen, she expressed that she had trouble with performing a historical role. However after consultations with director Yeo Gyoon-dong, she successfully pulled off her role. The movie was released in December 2008.

Not long after her role in The Accidental Gangster and the Mistaken Courtesan (2008), she received another love call from director Park Chan Wook. For his movie Thirst (2009), she took on the role of Tae-ju who is a vampire’s object of obsession. For the role, Kim Ok-bin had to once again tackle explicit sex scenes. Thirst was the first Korean mainstream movie that showed full frontal nudity of a male. The horror movie, however, received tremendous reactions and topped the Korean box office within its first weekend of release. The movie was invited to be shown at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival where it won the Jury Prize. Kim Ok-bin, who played the lead female role received her first international recognition through this movie by receiving Best Actress Award for 42nd Sitges Film Festival.

After starring in mostly horror and thriller films, Kim Ok-bin starred in the comedy Over My Dead Body (2012). For her role, she played Han Dong Hwa, a woman whose father was murdered. She had her long brown hair cut short and colored pink. She expressed that she greatly enjoyed the process of filming as she is a fan of that genre of film.

Recently, she starred in two films, The Villainess (2017) another movie that was invited to Cannes Film Festival and The Discloser (2018), a military thriller film which was directed by Hong Ki Seon.


Year Title Role Notes
2005 Voice Park Young-eon
2006 Arang Cameo appearance
2006 Dasepo Naughty Girls Poor Girl
2008 The Accidental Gangster and The Mistaken Courtesan Seol-ji
2009 Thirst Tae-ju
2009 Actresses Herself Also co-screenwriter
2011 The Front Line Cha Tae-gyeong
2012 Over My Dead Body Han Dong-hwa
2013 Behind The Camera Herself
2013 11 A.M Youngeun
2015 Minority Opinion Gong Soo-kyung
2017 The Villainess Sook-hee
2018 The Discloser Jeong Sook