Who is Kim Nam-joo’s Husband? Here are the Details About Her Love Life and Scandals

Celebrating Their 10th Wedding Anniversary


The couple celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary in Marie Claire Magazine, in the December issue. They re-enacted the wedding photo shoot back then, at their home in a residential area in Gangnam, she wore some bridal gowns and her husband wearing some tuxedos. The power couple did the shoot in their own backyard. “They remembered the past ten years while posing in front of the camera. The memories of the days they spent with their children and the dreams of a beautiful future,” according to the magazine.

Kim Nam-joo revealed why she chose her own home as the location of the photoshoot during the interview. “Initially (to celebrate the anniversary), I contemplated going abroad or to a secluded island. But this house is the most important space for our family. Sitting under this persimmon tree in the garden, I go back to the moment my children were born and everything that happened with them in this house,” she explained.

She continued, “In the past ten years, my husband and I have taken only two photos in the yard! But we have spent years in this house together with the children and that’s meaningful already.” Kim Nam-joo showed how fond she is of the property by revealing close family memories.

“The house evokes nostalgia. I remember my husband was very busy and I would feel alone at night. I also remembered when the children were still a babies and used to cry in their room.” Then she pointed to a particular spot of the flowerbed and added “There, you see red flowers? The family pet hamster died a long time ago and he was buried there. But now there are now red flowers blooming on the spot.”

Here are some of the photos of their wedding photoshoot with Marie Claire Magazine, check this out!


Here are some moments with Kim Nam-joo and Kim Seung-woo, talking with the public, get ready, and remember — don’t be jealous, yeorobun~!

The moment where Kim Seung-woo called his beloved wife, Kim Nam-joo, on MBC Radio Star in 2016.

A Scandal Involving Kim Nam-joo? What is it, and Why?


It’s not a scandal, but more like critical acclaim that she earned. So why don’t we talk about it a little bit, yeorobun? Here we go! On her current drama, Misty, Kim Nam-joo had some problems from it. The actress, who just returned after a six-year hiatus, explained how hard it had been to play the hard-headed anchorwoman. Kim Nam-joo, who often played a perky married woman, had to transform herself into a cold-blooded woman, and it took more than just practicing how to talk like an anchorwoman.

For the past six months, she also hasn’t eaten any rice, just eggs and chicken. Kim Nam-joo added that she had been listening to sensual music, as it helps her to learn the role’s attractive gestures and way of talking. It took her an endless amount of practice and observation, but she finally got it right!