Who is Kim Nam-joo’s Husband? Here are the Details About Her Love Life and Scandals


The Beautiful Korean Actress Kim Nam-joo

Actress Kim Nam-joo who was born on 10 May 1971, in Seoul, South Korea. But then her family moved to Pyong Taek, Gyeong Gi Province, when she was just two years old when her father’s business failed, and she spent the rest of the childhood and adolescence there. Right after graduating from high school she enrolled as a dance major at Suwon Women’s College, but when she was a sophomore, Kim Nam-joo joined the Miss Korea pageant and from the experience, she decided to quit school to pursue a modeling career in September 1992.

A Short Biography of Kim Nam-joo’s Career

After winning 4th place in a talent search that was produced by broadcaster SBS in 1994, she quickly became a popular television star in her twenties. Many of her dramas became hits, for example, the TV series Woman (1996), Model (1997), The Boss (1999) and Her House (2001), and she became seen as the epitome urban career woman in 1990.

After filming Her House she decided to take a semi-retirement, only appearing in lucrative commercials that were mostly for cosmetics and luxury goods. Then, in 2005, she married an actor named Kim Seung Woo, and for several years she lived as a full-time housewife and mother to her two children.

Kim Nam-joo made a successful comeback in 2009, by playing in a comedy-drama that depicts the lives of housewives who devote their entire lives to their husband success, called Queen of Housewife, also known as My Wife is a Superwoman. The drama was one of the most-watched shows during its airing, topping Korea’s TV ratings chart for three consecutive weeks.

After finishing her activity through 2012, she took another hiatus for six years. But this year she’s coming back again, having been cast in a romance-thriller drama called Misty.

How Is Kim Nam-joo’s Love Life?


As we know, Kim Nam-joo married Kim Seung-woo back in 2005, their marriage was held at the Sheraton Grand Walkerhill Hotel Vista Hall, Gwangjang Dong, Seoul. The couple had two children, a girl born on 2 November 2005, and a boy born on 5 March 2008.

In 2012, she wrote a book that has done very well. The book, called Kim Nam Joo’s House is a candid discussion about home and family life.

The cover of the book has a photo of her opening her front door, and it also reportedly shows an enviable knack with interior design. Well, no wonder, she dresses impeccably! Here is a sneak peek of her book cover!


Appearing on a Commercial Together

Kim Nam-joo and her husband showed their togetherness as a power couple through a new endorsement deal in 2013. They were chosen to represent a Hyurom juice machine, as the brand’s exclusive models.

The representative of Hyurom spoke about their new models “As parents with two children, Kim Nam-joo and Kim Seung-woon create a wonderful family together and also seen as a top couple on the entertainment industry. They have a good image to the public and fits well with what we want to achieve. This is the first time Kim Nam-joo and Kim Seung-woon will appear together in a commercial, we expected them to be loved by the customers.” Apparently, the commercial was revealed on October 1.


The spouses are shown at home in the commercial, extolling the virtues of family health. At beginning of the CF, Kim┬áNam-joo quote some facts by saying “According to the American Cancer Society, for cancer prevention, it’s recommended to intake 2-5 cups of vegetables and fruit every day.” She also gives information from health articles, including the importance of eating well. The power couple’s refrigerator is stocked with fruits and vegetables.

Reports from behind the scenes of the commercial said that the couple remained sweet through the shooting, proudly displaying affection, and delivered onscreen, perfectly. Kim Nam Joo made a juice and took care of her husband, making them look like newlyweds.