Kim Nam-gil: Does He Have a Wife? Rumors About Relationship with Actress Son Ye-jin

Kim Nam-gil’s dating Rumor with SNSD’s Tiffany

kim nam gil and tiffany

In 2010, Kim Nam-gil was rumored to be dating SNSD’s Tiffany, as they spent time together for meals, sometimes. Kim Nam-gil then cleared up the rumor by saying that he regards Tiffany as a younger sister.

Kim Nam-gil stated that SNSD was a big fan of the MBC drama Queen Seon Duk, and that they often visited the set. Eventually, he formed an older brother/younger sister relationship with members Sooyoung, Yoona, Hyoyeon, and Tiffany.

Kim Nam Gil

As yet, there still isn’t any information about who Kim Nam-gil may be dating, but, Kim Nam-gil once said that his ideal woman is someone who has pretty Achilles’ heels and pretty ears. He’s even fine dating a woman who’s older than him,  and, in fact, he already had. Let’s just wait until Kim Nam-gil himself opens up about his dating in the future.