Here Are the Top Dramas of Actor and INFINITE Member Kim Myung-soo that You Have to Watch!

Let’s Get to Know The Most Handsome South Korean Actor and Member of the Band Infinite – Kim Myung-soo

Kim Myung-soo was born on March 13th, 1992in Seoul, South Korea. He is also professionally known under the name L. He has a younger brother who is two years younger than him. Kim Myung-soo attended Duk-soo High School and graduated from Daekyung University on February 15th, 2013, majoring in practical music. He is a popular South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the boy band Infinite under Woollim Entertainment and his subunit is Infinite F.

In June 2010, L officially made his debut as a vocalist and visual of the boy band Infinite. In 2011, he made his acting debut taking part in the Japanese drama Jiu Keishicho Tokushuhan Sousagakari, which aired on TV Asahi in July. In 2012, he was cast in tvN’s romance comedy series Flower Band, as a guitarist of a rock group. He was also cast in MBC’s sitcom What’s The Deal, Mom?

On May 15th, 2013, L released a photo essay book titled L’s Bravo Viewtiful, showing photos taken by him on a 93-day journey. The book was a best-seller and reached #1 in pre-orders on online bookstores, such as YES24 and Kyobo. In August 2013, he had a cameo in SBS’s Master’s Sun, playing the younger version of So Ji-sub’s character. In 2014, he was cast to play supporting roles in MBC’s Cunning Single Lady and SBS’s My Lovely Girl.

Together with bandmates Sungyeol and Sungjong he comprises the subunit Infinite F, which released a single album, Koi No Sign, in Japan, on November 19th, 2014, and a Korean album, Love Sign, in December 2014. In 2015, he was cast in his first film Mister Shark, which tells the story of a boy who befriends a shark. In 2016, L was cast in the Korean-Chinese web drama My Catman. He also starred in the drama special The Day After We Broke Up, which was his first leading role.

In 2017, L starred in the MBC historical drama The Emperor: Owner of the Mask. His portrayal of a commoner who stands in for the king earned viewers’ approval, and he was named Actor of the Month in June by MBC Dramanet. 

In 2018, L starred in the legal drama Ms. Hammurabi portraying a judge. His performance in the series was well-received, earning him increased recognition. In 2019, L is set to star in the fantasy romance drama One and Only Love.

Top Dramas of Kim Myung-soo


Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Asian Drama


Shut Up Flower Boy Band is centered around a high school band known as Eye Candy. This drama illustrates the story of friendship, love, and dreams for music.


Eye Candy is a 6-member rock band led by Joo Byung-hee. When the band gets transferred to an elite school, Jung-sang High School, they find their opponent, namely the band Strawberry Fields. This drama tells the story of the lives of two rock bands and how they live their friendships, relationships, and dreams of music.

Infinite’s L Role

He plays Lee Hyun-soo, a guitarist from Eye Candy, who is known in their environment as the Ice Prince. He was previously very good friends with Kwon Ji-hyuk until eventually, Joo Byung-hee enters their friendship, which is why Lee Hyun-soo feels that his best friend has been stolen from him.

Lee Hyun-soo has strong guitar skills, but every time he appears on stage he is always overshadowed by Joo Byung-hee and Kwon Ji-hyuk. He swears to himself to be number 1 someday. In order to achieve that, he practices guitar until late at night.

Cunning Single Lady


Na Ae-ra believes that she was born to be beautiful but not smart. While working in her family restaurant, Na Ae-ra falls in love with Cha Jung-woo, a geeky graduate who is studying to become a civil servant. Na Ae-ra just wants to be a housewife and she promises that she can. Eventually, they get married.

On their 100-day wedding anniversary, Cha Jung-woo announces that he has quit his job because he got an idea to run his own business. But Cha Jung-woo’s business fails and Na Ae-ra has to struggle to support them by working several jobs. While living in poverty, Na Ae-ra is the only breadwinner. This is what makes Na Ae-ra experience severe stress. Eventually, Na Ae-ra divorces Cha Jung-woo after four years of marriage.

Three years after the divorce, Na Ae-ra finds out that Cha Jung-woo has become successful and wealthy, while she is still paying the debt he had to pay while they were still married. Their lives begin to pull back since they meet each other. Na Ae-ra plans to take revenge, while Cha Jung-woo believes that Na Ae-ra wants him back because he has become a rich person.

Infinite’s L Role

Infinite’s L was chosen to play the role of the secretary named Gil in the drama that aired after Miss Korea. Secretary Gil is the only person who can make the CEO, Cha Jung-woo, show his true self. Even the CEO, played by Joo Sang-wook, calls him a soul mate.

My Lovely Girl


My Lovely Girl is a drama with a background in K-Pop, starring Rain and Krystal Jung as the main players. With characters that have a K-Pop background, the drama tells about how two individuals cope with their pain and recover from their wounded feelings through music.

The drama My Lovely Girl tells the story of a pair of lovers, Lee Hyun-wook and Yoon So-eun, who are involved in a fight and because of an unexpected incident, Yoon So-eun ends up having an accident that results in death. Lee Hyun-wook, played by Rain, feels devastated and withdraws from the world of music, where he was a top songwriter who had gained success.

And it was not enough for him to only withdraw from the world of music, but Lee Hyun-wook also withdraws from everything for three years. This is until a sudden call comes from Yoon So-eun’s cellphone, a call from a girl who feels sad and has a hard time. The call comes from Yoon So-eun’s sister, Yoon Se-na, played by Krystal Jung.

Moved to improve Yoon Se-na’s situation and help her, Lee Hyun-wook finally moves through a long journey and goes through a few things with Yoon Se-na, after which they begin falling in love with each other.

Infinite’s L Role

Kim Myung-soo, or better known as L, plays the character Shi-woo or Yong-Bok, A member of the boy group Infinite Power under ANA Entertainment. He is seemingly arrogant but he turns kinder to Yoon Se-na whom he develops feelings for. He is in constant conflict over Lee Hyun-wook, who chastises him for his irresponsible actions, as well as due to their rivalry for Se-na’s love.

The Time We Were Not In Love


The Time We Were Not In Love tells the story of a man who works as a financial secretary in a company engaged in aviation, named Choi-won, played by actor Lee Jin-wook, while there is a woman named Oh Ha-na, played by actress Ha Ji-won, who is a career woman who is very concerned about the people around her, has a beautiful, kind and honest face.

Both of them are now 34 years old and have been friends for almost 17 years. Even though they have known each other for a long time there is no love between them until the man named Lee So-eun, played by actor Choo Soo-hyun, who likes Oh Ha-na enters the picture.

Infinite’s L Role

Infinite’s L plays the role of Ki Sung-jae. Ki Sung-jae is an apprentice employee at the company Oh Ha-na occupies.

Ruler: Master of the Mask


Ruler: The Master of The Mask tells about the situation that occurred in the 1700s. Crown Prince Lee-sun (played by Yoo Seung-ho) is a lonely figure, who tries to fight Pyunsoo Hwe. Pyunsoo Hwe is a secret organization that collects wealth and power by controlling water supplies throughout Joseon. As a result, Lee-sun becomes the only hope of the people who feel the suffering.

On the other hand, there is Ga-eun (played by Kim So-hyun), a smart woman who must be willing to find her father executed on Lee-sun’s orders. That also makes Ga-eun seek revenge. Instead of revenge being executed, Ga-eun falls in love with Lee-sun and vice versa, Lee-sun also likes Ga-eun. The two of them also help each other overcome the water supply problem.

Infinite’s L Role

Infinite’s L acts as a man from a poor family named Lee-sun. One day, he meets the crown prince who is named the same as him, and they exchange roles at the request of the prince. But in the end, the fake Lee-sun turns out to be cruel and thirsty for power because of his ambition to have Ga-eun (Kim So-hyun), the woman who loves the original Lee-sun (Yo Seung-ho).

Ms. Hammurabi

The Korea Herald


Park Cha O-reum (played by Go A-ra) is a rookie, alias newbie, judge in a district court, who serves as the left-sided judge of Chief Judge Han Se-sang (played by Sung Dong-il). As a new judge, Park Cha O-reum is very upholding the truth and justice, because she upholds justice she easily gets carried away in every case she handles. As a carried away on the left side of the congregation, Im Ba-reun (played by L) as the right-hand judge always tries to help Park Cha O-reum for not feeling too much in each case handled because it can affect her decision as a judge.

Apparently, Im Ba-reun is Park Cha O-reum’s senior in high school, who quietly liked Park Cha O-reum during high school. When Judge Im Ba-reun is reunited with his high school crush, and they get to spend a lot of time together as judges on the left side, he realizes that Park Cha O-reum actually has a very different nature to the one she showed in high school. During high school, Im Ba-reun was a smart, silent, exemplary and very idealistic student, while Park Cha O-reum was a quiet student, a reliable pianist, and rarely socialized. Even when she graduated from high school, Park Cha O-reum chose to continue the piano music school. After all these years, all the time that has passed, turned out Park Cha O-reum became a judge and works in one room and in the same team with Judge Im Ba-reun. However, apparently, there is a reason in Park Cha O-reum’s past that causes her to become a judge.

Infinite’s L Role

Infinite’s L portrays the right-hand judge, Im Ba-reun. Im Ba-reun is portrayed as a law-abiding judge or rather one that always follows what is written in the book. He is talented and intelligent, but is not interested in advancing or achieving success. He prefers to enjoy life in his own way.

Kim Myung-soo’s Awards and nominations

IDN Times
Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2013 Korea Drama Awards Best Young Actor Master’s Sun Nominated
2017 Seoul Webfest Awards Best Rising Star My Catman Nominated
Special Award Won
Korea Drama Awards Best New Actor The Emperor: Owner of the Mask Nominated
The Seoul Awards Popularity Award, Actor Nominated
MBC Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Nominated
Best New Actor Nominated
Popularity Award, Actor Won
Best Character Award, Fighting Spirit Acting Won
Korea First Brand Awards Male Acting Idol N/A Nominated
2018 6th APAN Star Awards Best New Actor Ms. Hammurabi Nominated
3rd Asia Artist Awards Best Icon N/A Won

INFINITE’s L Confirmed To Star In a New Romance Drama


INFINITE’s L will be starring as the male lead in KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama One and Only Love (working title)!

On December 17th, a representative of Woollim Entertainment confirmed, “Kim Myung-soo [L’s given name] has decided on KBS2’s One and Only Love as his next project.”

One and Only Love is an unusual romance drama about the love story between an angel and a ballerina. L will star as the accident-prone, unwaveringly optimistic angel Dan, while Shin Hye-sun, previously confirmed that she will be playing the role of Lee Yeon-seo, a privileged heiress who is forced to give up her dream of becoming a dancer after losing her eyesight in an accident. In order to return to heaven, Dan must help Lee Yeon-seo find love, but her icy personality and distrust of others make the task a difficult one.

One and Only Love is currently scheduled to begin airing sometime in the first half of 2019.