Everything About Actor Kim Min-joon: Profile, Dramas, Variety Shows, etc.


Kim Min-joon, a Korean Actor and Entertainer

Not many people have been given the chance to handle their very first project. However, Kim Min-joon may be considered as one of the few people who has proven that his green experience will not hold back the production of his first drama Damo. As a result, Kim Min-joon was not only successful in delivering his role as a rebel leader but also honored to receive various awards as Best New Actor. In the following years, Kim Min-joon has tried various roles from the romantic leads to the villains, as well as broadened his occupation as an entertainer by appearing in variety shows.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with all the information about Kim Min-joon, which includes his full profile and the list of his television dramas, movies, variety shows, and awards. So, keep reading!

Kim Min-joon’s Full Profile


Birth Name: Kim Min Joon

Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, July 24th, 1976

Age: 43 (Korean age)/42 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Chinese Astrology: Dragon

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 186 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Education: Dong-A University, with a major in Coaching Guidance

Twitter: @vesperMJ

Talent Agency: Dream T Entertainment (2017 – present)

Kim Min-joon’s Early Career


Long before he established his career as an actor and variety entertainer in the Korean entertainment industry, Kim Min-joon debuted as a model. He often appeared on magazine pictorials and even walked the runway. Not only emphasizing his good looks on the screen and photo shoots, but Kim Min-joon is also known as a club DJ. Under the name DJ Vesper MJ, Kim Min-joon has been active as a disc-jockey since 2009. Surely, this makes Kim Min-joon an interesting figure, don’t you agree, dear readers?

Kim Min-joon’s Filmography and Variety Shows


After his successful shift to acting, with the television series Damo, Kim Min-joon arguably had lots of booming projects afterward. Two of them are television dramas aired on Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS).


The first drama is Lovers in Prague. Aired from September 24th to November 20th, 2005, as a weekend drama. Lovers in Prague is a romance drama and the second installation of the Lovers trilogy, which is written by the legendary scriptwriter Kim Eun-sook, who is known for writing Descendants of the Sun and Mr. Sunshine. In this drama, Kim Min-joon acted as Ji Young-woo, a public prosecutor and son of a conglomerate chairman. Despite his great background, Young-woo grew up in a family without love. In his runaway to Prague, Young-woo meets Jae-hee (played by Jeon Do-yeon) and falls in love with her. Not only he worked with Jeon Do-yeon, but Kim Min-joon also worked with the late Kim Joo-hyuk and Yoon Se-ah as the main characters of the drama.


The second drama is Surgeon Bong Dal-hee. Aired from January 17th to March 15th, 2007, as weekday drama. Surgeon Bong Dal-hee is a medical drama written by Lee Jung-sun. In this drama, Kim Min-joon acted as Lee Geon-wook, the general surgeon of Hankook University Hospital who recently got divorced. After the main heroine Bong Dal-hee (played by Lee Yo-won) got accepted as the resident of the hospital, Geon-wook becomes close to her and develops a friendship while still having feelings for his ex-wife Jo Moon-kyung (played by Oh Yoon-ah). The usual square-shaped love line is apparent in this drama as Ahn Joong-geun (played by Lee Beom-soo) becomes Geon-wook’s rival to catch Dal-hee’s attention.

Besides Lovers in Prague and Surgeon Bong Dal-hee, Kim Min-joon also has other dramas, movies, music videos, and variety shows, where he has appeared as the regular or guest cast and model. Check the full list below!

2003 – MBC Damo (Leading Role as Jang Sung-baek/Jang Jae-mo)

2003 – A Man Who Went to Mars (Leading Role as Sung Ho)

2004 – MBC Ireland (Leading Role as Lee Jae-bok)

2004 – Never to Lose (Leading Role Kim Hong-joo)

2004 – SBS Into the Storm (Leading Role as Kim Hyeon-tae)

2006 – OCN Someday (Leading Role as Go Jin-pyo)

2006 – No Mercy for the Rude (Leading Role as Bal Re)

2007 – A Love (Supporting Role as Chi Kwon)

2007 –  KBS2 In-soon is Pretty (Leading Role as Yoo Sang-woo)

2007 – SBS Salt Doll (as Guest Role)

2007 – Music video of Lyn’s But We Loved Part 2

2008 – SBS Tazza (Leading Role as Young Min)

2008 – SBS On Air (as Guest Role)

2009 – MBC Friend, Our Legend (Leading Role as Lee Joon-seok)

2009 – SBS Family Outing (as Guest Cast)

2010 – SBS 2010 World Cup Special – Waving the Taegukgi (as Guest Cast)

2010 – Camellia “Iron Pussy: A Kimchi Affair” (Leading Role as Unidentified Man Dressed as a Woman)

2011 – Pained (as Guest Role)

2011 – Hindsight (Supporting Role as K)

2011 – The Depths (Leading Role as Bae-hwan)

2011 – KBS2 Romance Town (Leading Role as Kim Young-hee)

2011 – Music video of The One’s Walk to Heaven

2011 – Homme 3.0 (as Guest Cast)

2012 – XTM Homme 4.0 (as Regular Cast)

2012 – MBC The Duet (as Guest Cast)

2012 – jTBC Dear You/To My Beloved (Leading Role as Choi Eun-hyuk)

2012 – Wedding Scandal (Leading Role as Gi Seok)

2012 – The Concubine/Royal Concubine: Concubine of King (Leading Role as Kwon Yoo)

2013 – Dead End (Leading Role as Jeong Seung-ho)

2013 – Top Star (Leading Role as Won Joon)

2013 -2014 – tvN Coo Coo Class (as Guest Cast)

2013-2014 – MBC I Live Alone (as Regular Cast in episodes 33 – 49)

2014 – jTBC Please Take Care of My Refrigerator (as Guest Cast on episode 12 and 13)

2014 – jTBC Schoolgirl Detectives/Seonam Girls High School Investigators (Supporting Role as Ha Yeon-jun, the Teacher)

2015 – tvN Hidden Identity (Supporting Role as Teacher Jung)

2015 –  KBS2 2 Days & 1 Night Season 3 (as Guest Cast in episodes 67 – 69)

2016 – KBS2 Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (Guest Role as Wideok of Baekje)

2016 – MBC One More Happy Ending (Guest Role as Lee Wook, Dong-mi’s crush in episodes 3 – 8)

2016 – KBS2 Baby Sitter (Leading Role as Lee Sang-won)

2017 – MBC My Sassy Girl (Supporting Role as Prince Joo Sung)

2017 – City Fisherman (as Guest Cast)

2017 – It’s Okay To Go A Little Crazy (as Guest Cast)

2018 – 1% Friendship (as Guest Cast)

2018 – Twilight Delight (as Regular Cast)

Kim Min-joon’s Awards


As he has been working in the entertainment industry for more than 15 years, Kim Min-joon has already received various awards for his achievements. His first ever award was the Best New Actor at the MBC Drama Awards in 2003, which he got for his performance in the television drama Damo. A similar award also came at the 40th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2004. Four years later, Kim Min-joon received the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 17th Buil Film Awards for his acting in the movie A Love. In 2011, Kim Min-joon got the nickname ‘Hot Trendy Guy’ at the 5th Mnet 20s Choice Awards, cementing his position as a full of charisma figure in the showbiz industry.