Kim Min-jae’s Girlfriend: Dating Rumor, Ideal Type, And Many More

Kim Min-jae Chose Song Ji-hyo as His Ideal Type

Kim Min-jae Girlfriend

Several actresses have been paired with Kim Min-jae and have had good chemistry with him, but it turns out that there was one moment when Kim Min-jae chose someone as his ideal type.

Do you know who is she?

In one of the variety shows titled Pajama Friends that was aired in October 2018, Kim Min-jae appeared as a guest on the show. Not only that but he met with one of his partners in the same K-drama, Great Seducer that was aired on MBC, which was Red Velvet’s Joy who also became the MC in the variety show.

When one of the MCs asked, “Who is your ideal type among us here?” Kim Min-jae replied, “Jihyo sunbaenim.” Then, the other MCs seemed jealous because the actor who starred as a cameo in KBS2’s The Producers chose Song Ji-hyo.

Kim Min-jae Girflriend

After revealing his ideal type, Song Ji-hyo continued to ask Kim Min-jae, “How old are you?” When they found out that their age gap was 15 years, Song Ji-hyo then gave an embarrassed expression as did Kim Min-jae who couldn’t look at Song Ji-hyo’s face after confessing his ideal type.

What do you think about Kim Min-jae’s ideal type?

Well, that is all of the information about Kim Min-jae and everything you should know about his love life and relationship status. Kim Min-jae is definitely a hot actor and also has many female fans, but he is still single until now. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!