Kim Min-jae’s Girlfriend: Dating Rumor, Ideal Type, And Many More

Kim Min-jae and Park Eun-bin’s Relationship

Kim Min-jae Girflriend

The K-drama titled Do You Like Brahms? ended its broadcast on October 20, 2020. This K-drama aired on SBS and ended with a happy ending between Park Joo-young (played by Kim Min-jae) and Chae Song-ah (played by Park Eun-bin) who will soon be married.

Once finished, Kim Min-jae underwent an interview session. He discussed his co-star Park Eun-bin. The handsome actor bluntly admitted to relying on Park Eun-bin on the set of Do You Like Brahms?

“I rely a lot on Park Eun-bin who made her acting debut in the era when I was just born. She looks gentle but tough in spirit, and she’s a strong person. It’s a pleasure to work with her because of the depth she brings and her seriousness about her work, and I depend on her as a senior actor, colleague, and partner,” Kim Min-jae added.

“I asked her a lot of questions about how to deal with difficult scenes that made me feel depressed, and she always came back with good answers. There were scenes where I had to express my emotions to my mother,” he continued.

“I was physically exhausted and felt worried and depressed about having to cry in such a sad scene. I conveyed my concern, and she said, ‘You don’t have to cry. It’s harder to cry if you think about how you can’t cry’ to me, and I think I’m fine in the end,” Kim Min-jae concluded.

Kim Min-jae Girflriend

In an interview, Kim Min-jae discussed the Best Couple category at the year-end awards ceremony. Kim Min-jae would be competing with his former acting partner Park Eun-bin in Do You Like Brahms? after winning the best couple award at the 2020 SBS Drama Awards.

Regarding the popularity and rating of Dali and Cocky Prince, Kim Min-jae said, “Of course, there is no way for me to stop thinking about [Park Eun-bin] when working on a drama. But, that part is not something I can handle. Therefore, I try hard in every drama so that I don’t regret anything. I thank the people who have watched this drama.”

Kim Min-jae Girflriend

Even though their project ended, Kim Min-jae still shows his concern for Park Eun-bin. After attracting public attention, Kim Min-jae hopes that the winner of the award will be between him and Park Eun-bin.

“Even though we will compete with each other for the best actor award this year, whoever wins between us is still something amazing,” said Kim Min-jae.

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Kim Min-jae and Moon Ga-young’s Relationship

Kim Min-jae Girflriend

The chemistry between Woo Do-hwan and Red Velvet’s Joy on MBC’s Great Seducer successfully made the audience excited. But, many also highlighted the fate of Moon Ga-young and Kim Min-jae who were both hurt.

As is known, Great Seducer shows Kwon Shi-hyun (played by Woo Do-hwan) who seduces Eun Tae-hee (played by Joy) to avenge Choi Soo-ji (played by Moon Ga-young). But, Shi-hyun really falls in love with Tae-hee. Meanwhile, Soo-ji realizes that she has loved Shi-hyun all this time.

Kim Min-jae Girflriend

On the other hand, Lee Se-joo (played by Kim Min-jae) secretly has feelings for Soo-ji. Finally, he dares to kiss Soo-ji, making her shocked, and she refuses him.

Although short, Se-joo and Soo-ji’s kiss scene managed to make fans feel their chemistry although they aren’t a couple or lead role in this drama. Many claim to feel sorry for Se-joo because his love is one-sided. But, there are also those who think that Soo-ji doesn’t deserve Se-joo’s love.

“Poor Se-joo stuck in the friend zone,” a fan commented. “I cry for Se-joo, he doesn’t deserve to suffer,” added another fan. “Soo-ji please don’t torture yourself, Se-joo is the perfect man for you, don’t let him wait any longer,” said another. “I don’t think Soo-ji deserves Se-joo’s love,” concluded another.

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