Kim Min-jae’s Girlfriend: Dating Rumor, Ideal Type, And Many More

Kim Min-jae Girflriend

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There are so many romance K-dramas that have great ratings and also talented lead roles that have great chemistry with each other. Many viewers mistake their chemistry for having real feelings for each other even though it’s all just professionalism between them. But, have you ever been curious about a Korean actor’s relationship in real life?

In this article, there’s detailed information about one Korean actor named Kim Min-jae whose popularity is getting higher these days. He became one of the actors who quite often stars in romance K-dramas and gets melancholic roles. Are you curious about his love life? Read the article below to get to know more about Kim Min-jae’s relationship status and more details about him!

Kim Min-jae Never Confirmed His Dating Life

Kim Min-jae Girflriend

For his relationship status, the actor who starred in the K-drama titled Dali and Cocky Prince (2021) never confirmed his dating life. Kim Min-jae has also never been involved with a dating rumor and also never talked about his love life from before he debuted as an actor.

Kim Min-jae’s Dating Rumors

Kim Min-jae Girflriend

Actors very often get dating rumors with their partners when they star in K-dramas, mostly when the actor or actress stars in romance movies and must have good chemistry with each other so that a storyline is created with them as lovers who can steal the attention of many viewers.

Let’s see about Kim Min-jae’s dating rumors with his partners in K-dramas from when people thought they were lovers in the article below!

Kim Min-jae and So Ju-yeon’s Relationship

Kim Min-jae Girflriend

Kim Min-jae and So Ju-yeon had sweet chemistry as Park Eun-tak and Yoon Ah-reum in Dr. Romantic 2. Not infrequently, fans of the two actors assumed they were dating in real life.

Kim Min-jae also answered that assumption in a statement. The actor who starred in Dr. Romantic 2 admitted that he was often teased by the crew on the set because of rumors of his close relationship with So Ju-yeon.

“They said, ‘Congratulations you two. Aren’t you guys dating?’ I’m actually grateful the gossip exists. That means we acted really well and [So Ju-yeon] was a really great co-star,” Kim Min-jae said.

Kim Min-jae Girflriend

In the continuation of his statement, Kim Min-jae admitted that he and actress So Ju-yeon were good friends. “We are friends. We uploaded a photo together [on Instagram] to get people to watch Dr. Romantic 2,” he stated.

In Dr. Romantic 2, the characters Kim Min-jae and So Ju-yeon are involved in a love line. They matched so well that the audience even called them a suitable couple outside of the drama. “All the cast became close during the filming process. We will gather together to watch our drama together. So Ju-yeon and I are very close. So Ju-yeon is a very caring person,” Kim Min-jae said.

Kim Min-jae Girflriend

“She is the type of person who can relate to other people’s feelings well. She is very kind and warm. That’s why I really like acting with her. We are good friends with each other,” Kim Min-jae continued.

Kim Min-jae’s words above made a reporter ask, “Since you and So Ju-yeon show real couple chemistry in the drama, many expect that you two are actually dating in real life. What do you think about their opinions?”

Kim Min-jae laughed and responded, “That will never happen. So Ju-yeon is like my family. We are close and comfortable. We just work hard to convey the emotions of our characters, that’s all. She’s an amazing co-star,” Kim Min-jae concluded.

Meanwhile, So Ju-yeon had previously answered the same question as Kim Min-jae. The petite actress emphasized that she could not date Kim Min-jae outside the drama Dr. Romantic 2.

What do you think about Kim Min-jae and So Ju-yeon’s relationship?