Get Closer to Korean Actress, Kim Min-hee: Profile, Boyfriend, Movie and Drama List


The Scandalous Actress, Kim Min-hee

Kim Min-hee or Min Hee, started modeling when she was in high school, and soon appeared as a cover girl in teen magazines. Thanks to her unique facial features and slender figure, in 1999 she was chosen for “School 2” as a rebellious high school girl, and that launched her into stardom. She became a popular young star in her early 20, appearing in television series and movies. She is best known for her role as ‘Lady Hideko’ in the movie “The Handmaiden” (2015), which won so many international awards continuously from 2015-2018.

However, a string of poor acting performances brought her negative criticism. Critics and viewers disparagingly called her an ‘attractive, but blank’ actress. She’s also most famous for being an icon of fashion, and a scandalous actress who dated around some celebrities. Also, when her agency found out about the affair she was involved in, they chose not to renew her contract, and she has been flying solo ever since. Keep on reading if you’re curious about Kim Min-hee!

Full Profile of Actress Kim Min-hee


Name : Kim Min-hee / Gim Min Hee (김민희 / 金敏姬)
Profession : Actress, Model
Nationality : South Korean
Date of Birth : March 1, 1982
Place of Birth : Yejang-dong, Jung District, Seoul, South Korea
Chinese Zodiac Sign : Water Dog
Western Zodiac Sign : Pisces
Blood Type : A
Height : 170 cm
Weight : 47 kg
Feet Size : 240mm
Agency : BH Entertainment (past) Soop Management (past), Forest Entertainment
Education : Lira Elementary School, Shin Kwang Girls Middle School, Shin Kwang Girls High School, Dankook University – Theater Department (dropped out)
Siblings : 1 brother, 2 sisters
Hobbies : Shopping, computers for entertainment
Specialty : Painting, photography, interiors, piano
Cyworld :

Facts and Trivia About Kim Min-hee


While she is relatively unknown outside of South Korea, Kim Min-hee, who started off as a magazine model 17 years ago, is a critically acclaimed film actress. She got famous for her award-winning performances in South Korean films. She is also notable because of her acclaimed portrayal of protagonist Jiyoon in the Korean television series “Age of Innocence”. Here is some trivia and some news-worthy facts about Kim Min-hee!

  • She was known as ‘N Generation Troika’ which means ‘Network Generation’ with Shin Min Ah and Kim Hyo Jin, who were active in the same period.
  • After her contract with the agency Lee Byung Hun BH Entertainment ended in late 2012, she signed with Soop Management, which also managed the career of her friend Gong Hyo Jin.
  • She is persistent when she wants something. To get the role in her first drama “Goodbye Solo,” she begged the screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung, and was turned down five times. She trained extensively, got a hold of the script, and practiced every day until she convinced her. She earned good reviews for the role.
  • Kim Min-hee has become the first South Korea actress to win the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the Berlin International Film Festival. In the movie, Kim plays Yeong-hee, an actress who is having an affair with a married movie director. In addition, the character of the director in the movie bears a striking resemblance to Hong in terms of his improvised directing style and appearance.
  • She has appeared on as many dramas as films, but has not been seen on the small screen in over seven years. “While I could reach out to more viewers by appearing in dramas, it seems like my happiness is my main priority. At the moment, I’d rather be an actor. While it might not hold much significance today, when people think of ‘Kim Min-hee’ in the future, I would like to be known as an actress who wasn’t ashamed of her work.
  • In an interview with news site TV Report, she spoke of her painstaking effort to learn Japanese to portray her character in “The Handmaiden” convincingly. “All the actors and actresses were assigned Japanese teachers… Only after learning how to read and write (Japanese syllabary) Hiragana, we were able to start on the script,” she said,
    It was hard for me at first, but it became fun.
  • There is plenty of nudity and explicit bed scenes in “The Handmaiden”, but she told newspaper Segye Ilbo she was not too concerned about them. “For the bed scenes, we had exact instructions on how to go about (executing them), so that was what I did. I don’t think I had any particular difficulty,” said Kim, adding it was tougher depicting Hideko’s multiple personalities.
  • She was selected as American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) new member.