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List of Kim Mi-sook’s Dramas, Movies, Variety Shows, and Albums

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As has been known, Kim Mi-sook is an actress who has been much admired in South Korea’s showbiz industry. Her works include a long list, namely City Hunter, Lobbyist, Brilliant Legacy, and Seven Days, Not only does she act and appear on variety shows, Kim Mi-sook also has recorded three spoken word album with her soothing voice, which have been heard by the general public through her radio shows as well. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled the list of television series, films, and spoken albums that Kim Mi-sook has starred and released.

1979 – KBS Hometown of Legends: Dead Woman (as Supporting Role)

1979 – KBS Hometown of Legends: Hongsalmun (as Supporting Role)

1980 – Three Women Under the Umbrella (as Supporting Role)

1980 – KBS Hometown of Legends: A Senior Staff (as Supporting Role)

1981 – KBS2 Let Us Pray (as Supporting Role)

1982 – KBS2 The Land of Promises (as Supporting Role)

1982 – KBS1 Udon Fire (as Supporting Role)

1982 – Ardent Love (as Supporting Role)

1982 – Another’s Nest (as Supporting Role)

1982 – KBS1 A Water-bearer From Bukcheong (as Supporting Role)

1983 – KBS1 A Youth March (as Supporting Role)

1983 – Born on February 30 (as Supporting Role)

1984 – I Want to Go (as Supporting Role)

1984 – Milky Way in Blue Sky (as Supporting Role)

1984 – KBS2 I Like My Daughter Better (as Supporting Role)

1984 – KBS2 A Nursing Ward (as Supporting Role)

1984 – KBS2 Maze (as Supporting Role)

1985 – KBS2 TV Literature: A Bad Diary (as Supporting Role)

1985 – KBS2 TV Literature: The Last Song (as Supporting Role)

1985 – KBS1 Silver Rapids (as Supporting Role)

1986 – KBS2 Warm River (as Supporting Role)

1986 – KBS2 Your Portrait (as Supporting Role)

1986 – KBS2 People Far and Away (as Supporting Role)

1986 – KBS2 Finding Happiness – Episode 2: Cheer Up, Dad (as Supporting Role)

1987 – KBS2 Another Man (as Supporting Role)

1987 – KBS2 Gayo Drama (as Supporting Role)

1989 – KBS2 Under the Wool (as Supporting Role)

1989 – MBC The Second Republic (as Supporting Role)

1989 – KBS2 Fetters of Love (Main Role as Lee Seon-mi)

1990 – MBC Standard FM Kim Mi-sook’s Music Salon (as DJ)

1990 – When The Tears Flow Down (spoken album)

1990 – KBS2 An Autumn Guest (as Supporting Role)

1990 – MBC Dark Sky, Dark Bird (as Supporting Role)

1991 – KBS2 Women’s Time (as Supporting Role)

1992 – MBC Wind in the Grass (Main Role as Yeong-sook)

1993 – MBC Warm River (as Supporting Role)

1993 – SBS To the Lovely Others (Supporting Role as Novelitst’s wife)

1993 – KBS2 A Thirty-Year Old Rebellion (as Supporting Role)

1993 – MBC The Third Republic (as Supporting Role)

1994 – Kim Mi-sook’s Poetry Readings at Home (spoken album)

1994 – Kim Mi-sook Telling the Fairy Tales of Our Times (parts 1 and 2) (spoken album)

1995 – SBS Confession (Main Role as Lee Hyeon-joo)

1995 – SBS Korea Gate (as Supporting Role)

1996 – MBC Power of Love (Supporting Role as Yoo Jung-ae)

1996 – SBS Children With Broad Seas (as Supporting Role)

1996 – KBS2 Until We Can Love (as Supporting Role)

1996-2000 – SBS Power FM This Beautiful Morning with Kim Mi-sook (as DJ)

1997 – MBC MBC Best Theater: 7 Days Choice (as Supporting Role)

1997 – SBS 70-minute Dramas: Two Mothers (as Supporting Role)

1998 – SBS Hug (Main Role as So-won)

1998 – SBS I Love You! I Love You! (Supporting Role as Jo Bong-ja)

1998 – SBS Three Kim Generation (as Supporting Role)

1998 – MBC Love (Main Role as Young-ji)

1999 – KBS2 Sad Temptation (Main Role as Seo Jung-hye)

2001 – SBS Outing (Main Role as Kim Nan-hee)

2001 – SBS Well Known Woman (Supporting Role as Han Young-soon)

2001 – KBS2 Blue Mist / Blue Fog (Main Role as Noh Kyung-joo, Sung-jae’s wife)

2002-2007 – KBS 1FM All the Music in the World with Kim Mi-sook (as DJ)

2002 – Happy Stories (A Hidden Joyful Place) Disc 1 (spoken album)

2003 – A Hilarious Mourning (O-gu)

2003 – SBS Sweetheart (as Supporting Role)

2003 – SBS Punch (Supporting Role as Kyung-hye)

2004 – SBS The Land  (Supporting Role as Lady Yoon)

2004 – MBC Love Is All Around (Supporting Role as Kim Ok-soon)

2004 – SBS Island Village Teacher (Supporting Role as Eun-soo’s mother)

2005 – SBS Queen’s Conditions (Main Role as Oh Young-joo)

2005 – Marathon (Main Role as Cho-won’s mother)

2006 – SBS I’ll Go With You (Main Role as Haeng-sook)

2006 – KBS1 As the River Flows (Supporting Role as Jeong-ok, Jun-ho’s wife)

2007 – SBS Lobbyist (Supporting Role as Madamce Chae)

2007 – SBS Golden Bride (Supporting Role as Jung Han-sook, Jun-woo’s mother)

2007 – Seven Days (Supporting Role as Han Suk-hee)

2008 – MBC I Love You, Don’t Cry (Supporting Role as Moon Shin-ja)

2008 – MBC MBC Special: Naturalist Tasha’s Garden (as Narrator)

2009 – SBS Brilliant Legacy / Shining Inheritance (Supporting Role as Baek Seong-hee)

2010 – KBS1 Happiness in the Wind / A Good Day for the Wind to Blow (Supporting Role as Lee Kang-hee)

2010 – SBS Definitely Neighbors (Supporting Role as Chae Young-shil)

2011 – jTBC Insu, The Queen Mother (Supporting Role as Queen Junghee)

2011 – MBC Just Like Today (Main Role as Yoon In-sook)

2011 – SBS City Hunter (Supporting Role as Lee Kyung-hee, Yoon-sung’s mother)

2011 – SBS My Love By My Side (Supporting Role as Bong Sun-ah)

2013 – SBS Empire of Gold / Golden Empire (Supporting Role as Han Jung-hee, Sung-jae’s mother)

2013 – SBS Case Number 113 (Main Role as Kang Hee-kyung)

2013 – MBC Hur Jun, the Original Story (Supporting Role as Yoo Hee-tae’s wife)

2014 – SBS Glorious Day (Main Role as Han Song-jung)

2014 – jTBC Please Take Care of My Refrigerator (as Guest on episode 94 and 95)

2015 – KBS2 All About My Mom (Main Role as Hwang Yeong-seon, Hoon-jae’s mother)

2015 – MBC Queen’s Flower / Flower of the Queen (Supporting Role as Ma Hee-ra)

2016 – MBC The Flower in Prison / Flowers of the Prison (Supporting Role as Queen Moon-jeong)

2016 – KBS2 Sweet Stranger and Me (Guest Role as Shin Jeong-im, Na-ri’s mother)

2017 – MBC Man Who Sets the Table / Man in the Kitchen (Main Role as Hong Young-hye, Roo-ri’s mother)