About Kim Kwang-kyu: Profile, Wife, Wedding, and Movies

kim kwangkyu

Kim Kwang-kyu, The Korean Actor and Entertainer

Having debuted in 1999, Kim Kwang-kyu is a South Korean public figure whose profession is recognized as an actor and MC. Despite the small percentage of attention that has been given on most characters that he has acted as, Kim Kwang-kyu has received many awards, such as the Popularity Award in a Sitcom or Comedy at the MBC Entertainment Awards in 2008, Excellence Award in a Variety Show on MBC Entertainment Awards in 2013, and Best Entertainer Award at the SBS Entertainment Awards. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Kim Kwang-kyu, which includes his full profile,  the list of his television series, films, and variety shows, and his wife and wedding news. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile of Kim Kwang-kyu

kim kwangkyu

Real Name: Kim Kwang Kyu

Date of Birth: Yeongdo District, Busan, South Korea, 19 Decem ber 1967

Occupation: Actor and Host

Age: 52 (Korean age) / 51 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Chinese Astrology: Sheep

Nationality: South Korean

Blood Type: A

Siblings: 1 (Kim Hee-gyoo)

Religion: None

Education: Busan Arts College, with a major in Department of Theater and Film, Korean National Open University, with a major in Department of Korean Language and Literature

Talent Agency: Koen Group

List of Kim Kwang-kyu’s Dramas, Movies, and Variety Shows

kim kwangkyu

As was explained at the beginning, Kim Kwang-kyu is more familiar to the public for starring in many well-known dramas in the supporting role. His work portfolio includes remarkable television series and films, such as Dae Jang Geum, Princess Hours, Love Forecast, and Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Besides the dramas and movies, Kim Kwang-kyu also starred in variety shows as a host and regular cast member.  In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of television dramas, films, and variety shows that Kim Kwang-kyu has starred in and appeared on.

1999 – Dr. K (Supporting Role as Physical therapist)

2000 – Terror Taxi (Supporting Role as Cab driver 2)

2001 – Friend (Supporting Role as Ill-mannered teacher)

2001 – Take Care of My Cat (Supporting Role as Train station ticket inspector)

2003 – Mutt Boy (Supporting Role as Team leader Seok)

2003 – North Korean Guys (Supporting Role as Detective squad chief)

2003 – KBS2 Sang Doo! Let’s Go to School (as Supporting Role)

2003 – MBC Dae Jang Geum (Supporting Role as Lamp Holder)

2004 – Windstruck (Supporting Role as the Undercover cop or Prince No. 3)

2004 – KBS2 Drama City: Blue Skies of Jeju Island (Supporting Role as Kyung-soo’s friend)

2004 – Island Village Teacher (Supporting Role as Driver)

2004 – My Brother (Supporting Role as Homeroom teacher)

2004 – SBS Into the Storm (as Supporting Role)

2004 – When a Man Loves a Woman (as Supporting Role)

2005 – You Are My Sunshine (Supporting Role as Village leader)

2005 – KBS2 18 vs. 29 (as Supporting Role)

2005 – SBS Fashion 70’s (Supporting Role as Detective)

2006 – MBC Special of My Life (Supporting Role as Senior detective)

2006 – KBS2 Mr. Goodbye (Supporting Role as Kwon Bok-haeng)

2006 – SBS Please Come Back, Soon-ae (as Harassing male passenger)

2006 – MBC Couple or Trouble (Supporting Role as Department head Gong Young-gu)

2006 – CGV Freeze (Guest Role as Inspector Jang)

2006 – MBC Princess Hours (Guest Role as Disciplinarian or Teacher at the performing arts school on episode 2)

2006 – Oh! My God (Supporting Role as Secretary Shin)

2006 – Lump of Sugar (Supporting Role as Jang Ma-joo)

2006 – Tazza: The High Rollers (Supporting Role as Skinny / Lanky)

2007 – Voice of a Murderer (Supporting Role as Chief investigator)

2007 – Meet Mr. Daddy (Supporting Role as Man in a suit)

2007 – Underground Rendezvous (Guest Role as Regimental commander)

2007 – The Worst Guy Ever (Guest Role as Man on the blind date)

2007 – A Thousand Burial Plot (Guest Role as Pro-golfer)

2007 – A Love (Guest Role as Union leader)

2007 – KBS2 Hello! Miss (Supporting Role as Chief Kwak Boo-jang)

2007 – MBC Legend of Hyang Dan (Supporting Role as Ui-jik, the Bandit leader)

2008 – KNN Successful Life (Supporting Role as Choi Dong-joon)

2008 – MBC The Secret of Coocoo Island (Main Role as Section chief Kim)

2008 – KBS2 Drama City: Disciplinary Committee (Supporting Role as Kim Seung-gyu)

2008 – My Mighty Princess (Supporting Role as Machine operator, 5th brother)

2008 – Modern Boy (Supporting Role as Park Ga-song)

2008 – Sweet Lie / Lost and Found  (Supporting Role as Nice PD / TV Show Director)

2009 – Closer to Heaven (Supporting Role as Aide team Kook Dong-sik)

2009 – MBC The Jewel Family

2009 – Where is Jung Seung-pil? / Jung Seung-pil Mystery (Supporting Role as Director Baek)

2009 – Girlfriends (Supporting Role as Department head)

2009 – KBS2 The Accidental Couple / That Fool (Supporting Role as Post office team leader Go)

2009 – MBC Soul (Supporting Role as Bae Seong-bin)

2009 – KBS2 Hometown of Legends: The Forbidden Book (Supporting Role as Jeon Ki-soo)

2009 – MBC Assorted Gems (Guest Role as Plastic surgeon)

2009 – SBS Will It Snow for Christmas? (Guest Role as Homeroom teacher)

2010 – SBS Oh! My Lady (Supporting Role as Han Min-kwan)

2010 – SBS The Miracle of Love (Supporting Role as Jang Gap-dol)

2010 –  KBS2 Drama Special: Our Slightly Risque Relationship (Supporting Role as Cameraman)

2010 – KBS2 Drama Special: Summer Story (Supporting Role as Bong Pil-ho )

2010 – KBS2 Sungkyunkwan Scandal (Supporting Role as Hwang-ga)

2010 – KBS2 Drama Special: Snail Dormitory (as Supporting Role)

2010 – Secret Reunion (Guest Role as Gyeongsang chief)

2010 – Twilight Gangsters (Supporting Role as Police team leader)

2010 – Haunters (Guest Role as Manager)

2010 – SBS Running Man (as Guest on episode 15, 32, 159, 176, 271, 272, and 274)