Produce X 101’s Contestant and B.O.Y’s Kim Kook-heon: Profile, Fun Facts, Debut, Solo Release

Kim Kook-heon and Song Yu-vin Team Up as B.O.Y

Although Kim Kook-heon and Song Yu-vin didn’t make it to the Produce X 101’s final line-up and even had to endure MYTEEN’s disbandment, their friendship and partnership remain strong as they have teamed up as a duo named B.O.Y. The news was first delivered in August 2020, when a source from their agency, Music Works, confirmed that the two were united to debut together and were making preparations.

The agency then began to release a set of teaser photos of them, with two main concepts: 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Kim Kook-heon captured the romantic mood in the 6 p.m. teaser as he stared softly at the camera with his denim jacket.

Finally, the group dropped their 1st mini-album Phase One: You with the title track, “Blurry” on January 7th, 2020. The song perfectly combines a melodious instrumental guitar, an emotional ballad, accompanied by the voices of the two singers.

Check out their song below!


Kim Kook-heon’s Youthful Visual

Kim Kook-heon has been boasted a warm and youthful visual. He is the type of idol who can wear a school uniform and create a calm atmosphere whatever his age. He has this natural charm whit his handsome and strong, self-assertive features.

His visuals can easily thrill the hearts of fans.


Kim Kook-heon’s Solo Release

After releasing their song, the two members of B.O.Y each released their single solo projects within the same year. The duo teased the fans with 3 tarot cards, lined up and faced down that revealed their solo project. Song Yu-vin’s solo single “Through Love” was the first song to be released following the first card that was flipped. His song was released on July 19th, 2020.

Meanwhile, in the case of Kim Kook-heon, his solo single project was dropped on August 9th, 2020, with the digital single titled “Dry Flower.”

Listen to his voice in the live-performance video below!



Kim Kook-heon’s Focus Fan-cam

We know you waited for these sessions to look at his gorgeous features and moves, and thus, we will bless you with his individual focus fan-camsbe it on Produce X 101, MYTEEN, or B.O.Y.

Check out all the videos below!

So, those are all the things you need to know regarding everyone’s favorite, Kim Kook-heon! What do you think about him? Chat with us in the comment section below!