Profile of Korean Actress “Kim Kkot-bi”

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Kim Kkot-bi, the Korean Actress

Mostly known for being the star of South Korea’s indie film industry, Kim Kkot-bi is truly the epitome of the metaphor ‘started from the bottom, now we are here (on the top)’ as her luck in the field of acting began when the staff of movie in which she had a guest role spotted her and wisely requested for her to do an audition for Jealousy is My Middle Name, her first supporting role ever. Then, Kim Kkot-bi’s career finally reached its peak when she starred in the movie Breathless, and she continues to make a good impression among the film critics for her acting on Magic and Loss, Life is Peachy (otherwise known as Ashamed), and The King of Pigs. It is no wonder that soon after her debut in 2002, she received the award of Best Actress at several award ceremony events, such as the Youth Performing Arts Festival, the 10th Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival, and the 7th Pan Pacific Film Festival. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Kim Kkot-bi,  including her full profile and the list of her movies and theater shows. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile of Kim Kkot-bi

kim kkotbi

Real Name: Kim Kkot Bi

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, 24 November 1985

Age: 34 (Korean age) / 33 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Chinese Astrology: Ox

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 158 cm

Education: Sangmyang University, with a major in Theater and Film

List of Kim Kkot-bi’s Movies and Theater Shows

kim kkotbi

As was explained at the beginning, Kim Kkot-bi is mostly recognized as an indie film actress. Her famous works are usually in a dark and often bizarre genre, which indeed are not aimed at the regular movie industry. Even so, Kim Kkot-bi’s acting has been praised highly by the movie reviewers and indie moviegoers, proven by the fact that the numbers of the sales of her film have skyrocketed, contrasting to the average result of the indie movie industry. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of films and theater shows that Kim Kkot-bi has starred in.

1997 – Cape Nino (theater show)

2001 – My Boss, My Hero (as Guest Role)

2002 – Saving My Hubby (as Supporting Role)

2002 – Beautiful Sign (theater show)

2003 – Jealousy Is My Middle Name (Supporting Role as Han Mi-rim, editor’s daughter)

2005 – My Boyfriend Is Type B (Supporting Role as High school student 2)

2005 – This Charming Girl (Supporting Role as young Jeong-hae)

2005 – Blossom Again (Supporting Role as Female student at private institute 2)

2005 – Bystanders: Diary of June (Supporting Role as young Yoon-hee)

2005 – Friendly and Harmonious (Supporting Role as So-yeon)

2006 – Family Ties (Supporting Role as Regular student customer at food stall 1)

2006 – The City of Violence (Supporting Role as Razor-wielding high school girl)

2006 – Midnight Ballad for Ghost Theater (Main Role as So-dan /Bottom four, also credited as sound department crew)

2006 – Not a Girl (Supporting Role as Yoon-mi)

2008 – The Pit and the Pendulum (Guest Role as Woman at the fruit farm)

2008 – Close to You (as Supporting Role)

2008 – The Hole (as Supporting Role)

2009 – Why Did You Come to My House? (Supporting Role as Sister-in-law 3)

2009 – Breathless (Main Role as Yeon-hee)

2009 – A Green Goodbye: She & Her Mobile (Guest Role as Girl)

2010 – Now I’ll Be Brave (Main Role as Kim Kkobbi)

2010 – Ghost (Be With Me) (Main Role as Nam-hee on segment: “Tarot 2. Attached)

2010 – Magic and Loss (as Main Role)

2010 – Handstand in Space (as Supporting Role)

2011 – Where the Lights Shine Low (as Supporting Role)

2011 – Be My Guest (Supporting Role as Joo-hyun, the Daughter)

2011 – The House (Dubber as Ga-yeong)

2011 – The King of Pigs (as young Jung Jong-suk and Dubber for karaoke employee)

2011 – Is There Anybody Out There? (Guest Role as Woman)

2011 – KBS1 TV Literature “Blazing Sonata” (Main Role as Jo Ye-ri)

2011 – Life is Peachy / Ashamed (Main Role as Kang Ji-woo)

2012 – Myselves: The Actress No Make-Up Project (Documentary Film as herself, also as director, screenwriter, and cinematographer)

2012 – The Time Vanished (as Supporting Role)

2013 –  The Sunshine Boys (Supporting Role as Mi-yeon)

2013 – Jury (Guest Role as Audience member 1)

2013 – It’s a Beautiful Day (Main Role as Ah-joong)

2013 – A Pale Woman (Main Role as Kim)

2013 – Pluto (Supporting Role as Jung Soo-jin)

2013 – Rough Play (as Supporting Role, the film was nominated on the Jeonju International Film Festival VIP)

2014 –  Kundo: Age of the Rampant (as Jung-shim)

2014 – Taste in Guys (as Supporting Role)

2014 – A Record of Sweet Murder (Main Role as Journalist Kim So-yeon)

2014 – A Dangerous Woman (Supporting Role as Bo-kyung)

2014 – Grateful Dead (Supporting Role as Soo-young)

2015 – The Liar (Main Role as Ah-young)

2016 – Tsumugu Mono (Main Role as Yona)

2016 – Beaten Black and Blue (as Supporting Role)

2018 – The March for My Love / The March for the Lost (Main Role as Lee Hee-soo)

2018 – You, Your, Yours (Supporting Role as Hime)