Kim Jung-tae’s Profile and Facts

If you think this actor looks familiar then that is because you have probably seen him a lot, not just in South Korean movies but also in dramas! Yes, Kim Jung-tae has appeared in plenty of South Korean movies and dramas, usually portraying characters with antagonistic roles, mostly as gangsters, loan sharks, and other such villains. You may also know him from the variety show The Return of Superman with his son Kim Ji-hoo, also known as Yakkung. Want to know more about this actor? Then just keep on reading!

Kim Jung-tae’s Profile

Kim Jung-tae is a South Korean actor who usually makes an appearance in a minor role on many dramas. This 45-year-old actor was born with the name Kim Tae-wook. He was born on December 13, 1972 in Busan, South Korea. In 2009, Jung-tae got married to his childhood sweetheart Jeon Yeo-jin, who has a doctorate in Engineering and teaches at Pukyong National University. Before they got married, they dated for 19  long years, since they were teenagers, and they currently have two children, sons named Kim Ji-hoo and the younger one Kim Si-hyun.

Before making his debut, he earned his education by graduating from Kyungsung University majoring in Theater and Film. He first made his debut in 1999 with the film The Uprising under his birth name Kim Tae-wook. Jung-tae then was praised by the public when he played the lead role in the 2010 25-minute short film Remember O Goddess, a film noir associated with memory loss. Later in the same year, he showed his comical side for the first time playing as Yong-chul in the film He’s on Duty, a 2010 South Korean film that comically yet incisively depicts racial issues in Korea.

Other than appearing in South Korean he has also made some appearances in South Korean variety shows and has released a couple songs. He has also achieved some awards during his time as an actor. Right now he works under the talent agency THE Queen AMC. Would you like to get to know him even better? Then keep on reading!

Facts About Kim Jung-tae


Here are some interesting and unexpected facts about Kim Jung-tae. Check it out!

  1. His birth name is Kim Tae-wook.
  2. In 2006, he started going by his stage name Kim Jung-tae.
  3. He suffers from cirrhosis, a condition in which the liver does not function properly due to long-term damage.
  4. He almost died from the cirrhosis on multiple occasions.
  5. His mom actually died from cirrhosis.
  6. He said if he were not an actor, he would be a poet.
  7. Since the age of 17, he has penned over 200 poems.
  8. His son, Kim Ji-hoo, is called Yakkung because when playing peek-a-boo (Kakkung) he would only answer to Yakkung.
  9. His second son Kim Si-hyun is nicknamed Yarong.
  10. His blood type is A.
  11. His zodiac star sign is Sagittarius.
  12. He is 185 cm tall and weighs in at 77 kg.

List of Kim Jung-tae’s Movies

Throughout the years, Kim Jung-tae has played many roles in various movies. Here is a list of all of his movies along with the role he played, from 1999 until the most recent one. Check it out!

Year Title Role
2016 Chasing (Jabaya Sanda)  Jung-Taek
2015 Salut D’Amour (Jangsoosanghwe) Charles (laundry owner)
The Trip Around The World (Segyeiljoo) Hyun-Bae
Granny’s Got Talent (Helmeoni) Joo-Hyun
Shoot Me in the Heart (Nae Simjangeul Sswara) Kim Yong (patient)
2014 Romancing Game (Romaensinggei) President Hwang
Mourning Grave (Sonyeogoedam) Sun-Il
2013 Queen Of The Night (Bamui Yeowang) obstetrician
Tough As Iron (Ggang Chul Yi) Sang-Gon (gang boss)
Mr. Go rival baseball team director (cameo)
How to Use Guys with Secret Tips (Namja Sayongseolmyungseo) Woo Sung-Chul
Miracle in Cell No.7 (7beonbangui Seonmool) Inmate Man-Bum
Man On The Edge (Baksoogundal) Cha Tae-Joo
2012 The Neighbors (Yiwootsaram) Kim Jong-Guk
Superstar (Syupeoseuta) Tae-Wook
Reason Why Women Are Unconventional (Geu Yeojaga Saekdareun Yiyoo) Pan-Soo
All About My Wife (Nae Anaeui Modeun Geot) Kwang-Sik
The Scent (Gantongeul Gidarineun Namja) Detective Seo
Love On-Air (Wondeopool Radio) In-Suk
2011 SIU (Teuksoobon) Detective Park Kyung-Sik
Officer of the Year (Chepyoyang) Detective Song
2010 He’s On Duty (Bangga? Banga!) Yong-Chul
Remember O Goddess (Nareul Itji Malay)
Hearty Paws 2 (Maeumee 2)
I Came from Busan (Yeong-do Da-ri)
2009 City Of Fathers (Busan) Co. President Kim
Insadong Scandal Jang Seok-Jin
2008 Open City (Mobangbi Doshi) section chief
2006 Sunflower (Haebaragi) Yang-Ki
2005 Never to Lose (Kangryeok 3Ban) Oh Jae-Chil
Duelist (Hyeongsa) Ga Do-Chi
2004 My Brother 
Low Life
Windstruck (Nae yeojachingureul sogae habnida) Kim Young-Ho
Fighter in the Wind (Baramui Paiteo) yakuza at the port
2003 Mutt Boy (Ddong Gae) Jin-Mook
Classic (Keulraesik) friend 1 at the countryside
2002 Ardor 
Hae-jeok, Disco King 
2001 Friend (Chingoo) dorooko
2000 Black Honeymoon 
1999 The Bird Who Stops in the Air
The Uprising

List of Kim Jung-tae’s Dramas

After he made his place prominent in the South Korean entertainment industry, he started to take roles in South Korean dramas. Here is a list of all of his drama appearance, along with the role he played, from 2007 until the most recent one. Check them out!

Year Title Role Network
2018 Time (Shigan) Geum Tae-Sung MBC
2017 Bad Thief, Good Thief (Dodooknom, Dodooknim) Kang Sung-Il MBC
Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People (Yeokjuk: Baeksungeul Hoomchin Dojuk) Lee Jung MBC
2015-2016 Oh My Venus  Choi Nam-Chul KBS2
2015 Late Night Restaurant (Simyashikdang) Director Song SBS
2013 Goddess of Marriage (Kyeolhonui Yeoshi) Kang Tae-Jin SBS
2012 Dream High Season 2 (Deurimhai Sijeun 2) Executive director Lee Kang-Chul KBS2
2011 Girl K (Sonyeo K) Yoo Sung-Ho CGV
Can’t Live With Losing (Jikoneun Motsalah) Ko Ki-Chan MBC
Miss Ripley Hirayama MBC
Sign (Ssain) Jung Cha-Young SBS
2010 Bad Guy (Nabbeun Namja) Director Jang SBS
2009 Swallow the Sun (Taeyangeul Samkyeora) Han Seok-Tae SBS
2008 Robber (Bulhandang) Kim Jin-Goo SBS
2007 H.I.T  Sgt. Sim Jong-Geum MBC