Kim Jung-hyun in ‘Crash Landing on You’: His Role, Scenes, and More!

kim jung hyun in crash landing on you

Kim Jung-hyun and the Second Lead Syndrome in Crash Landing on You!

Do you know actor Kim Jung-hyun? His popularity has increased through his role in School 2017, but his role as the second lead male in Crash Landing on You has raised his popularity to another level! Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about that, so stay tuned!

Kim Jung-hyun’s Appearance in Crash Landing on You

kim jung hyun in crash landing on you

Crash Landing on You is the most popular K-drama in 2020 due to the pleasant storyline and extravagant acting performances from the cast. It is about Yoon Se-ri and Ri Jeong-hyeok’s love story. Yoon Se-ri is a South Korean heiress from a chaebol family, and Ri Jeong-hyeok was a North Korean army captain.

Luckily, actor Kim Jung-hyun took a part in the drama as well! Kim Jung-hyun played the role of Alberto Gu / Goo Seung-joon, a guy with various charms and a loveable appearance, but he is a cunning conman. His family went bankrupt due to Yoon Se-ri’s father’s scam, and since then, Goo Seung-joon has tried to steal money from Yoon’s family.

crash landing on you - kim jung hyun

He also made a deal with Yoon Se-ri’s brother to marry her. However, Yoon Se-ri already knew his bad intentions and rejected him. Goo Seung-joon was escaping to North Korea after cheating a fortune from the Yoon family. He met with Seo-dan there and eventually falls for her.

Let’s Take a Look at Kim Jung-hyun’s Scenes as Goo Seung-joon

kim jung hyun in crash landing on you

To convince you how remarkable the role of Goo Seung-joon is, here are some of the best scenes of Kim Jung-hyun as Goo Seung-joon!

crash landing on you k-drama

Ever since first glance, Goo Seung-joon showed off his charms in such an attractive way. However, he never got to make a move towards Yoon Se-ri. He didn’t give up just like that, and ended up arguing with Ri Jeong-hyeok instead!

crash landing on you k-drama

Although Goo Seung-joon has the image of a villain, his personality turns very soft and calm after he gets to know Seo-dan. A lot of people were in love with their chemistry as well!

One of the most heartbreaking scenes from Goo Seung-joon was his death! At the very least, Goo Seung-joon became the hero since he saved Seo-dan’s life. Through this scene, you can see his dashing persona while using a gun!

Fans’ Reaction to Goo Seung-joon’s Role

kim jung hyun in crash landing on you

Kim Jung-hyun’s fans must have been very mad with the fate of Goo Seung-joon’s character in Crash Landing on You. He sacrificed himself to help Seo-dan which made the couple not end up together. The fans also expressed various reactions about that!

“Why did they have to get a sad ending?! #GooSeungJoon #SeoDan”

“I stopped watching the drama after he died.”

“I can’t accept his death in this drama.”

“They broke my heart by killing him off”

crash landing on you k-drama

Not only that, but many fans also demanded a happy ending for the second couple Goo Seung-joon and Seo-dan! Well, it seems like people can’t get over Kim Jung-hyun’s character in the drama, right?

Kim Jung-hyun Talks About His Role in Crash Landing on You

kim jung hyun

Even though he played the role of a villain, Kim Jung-hyun also got a lot of attention and was praised for his appearance in Crash Landing on You. Moreover, he used to be the number 1 trend in Korea’s real-time search rankings after the name Goo Seung-joon appeared on the trend!

crash landing on you - kim jung hyun

Kim Jung-hyun expressed his thoughts about the euphoria of Goo Seung-joon. “Although [Goo Seung-joon] seems like the most immature character, I saw him as mature.” The funny part was Kim Jung-hyun’s friends also went emotional due to his tragic destiny in the drama. Furthermore, he remarked, “I was also really proud to see a character of mine receive so much interest.”

That is everything about Kim Jung-hyun in Crash Landing on You! From his role to his acting performance, he successfully portrayed the best role of Goo Seung-joon! Do you also think that Kim Jung-hyun was suited the role of Goo Seung-joon? Let us know your thoughts through the comments, and don’t forget to follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial for more updates!