Kim Jung-eun’s Profile and Facts (Husband, Movies, Plastic Surgery, and Latest News)

Who is Kim Jung-eun’s Husband?

It was revealed that Kim Jung-eun’s husband is not a celebrity, and he works as a fund manager. As a non-celebrity, it was later known that Kim met him after he divorced his former wife.

Kim Jun Eun’s meeting with this man has caused something of a controversy, as divorce is still an extremely taboo topic in South Korea, and marrying someone who is divorced is regarded as an aberration in Korean society.

In order to give clarification, Kim Jung Eun’s agency released an official statement on February 18 2016, a few months before their wedding to address the reports that have been coming out regarding the actress’s marriage to the divorced man. The statement went, “[Kim Jung Eun and her fiance] decided to tie the knot at the end of 2015, having developed their budding love after the groom-to-be’s divorce back in 2009, and they supported each other through their turbulent times.”

The agency further related, “We find it regrettable that these one-sided reports are being released at the time of the two’s happy beginning. We believe it’s only right to respect the actress’s marriage, which is a part of her private life.”

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Kim Jung Eun’s Plastic Surgery

As a South Korean celebrity, the idea plastic surgery is very commonly discussed. Kim Jung-eun herself has admitted that she has had plastic surgery before, during an interview on a TV show.

She said she’s had a surgery while talking about her new millionaire boyfriend. She added a message to fellow actresses, saying, “Hide (your surgeries) as long as you can.

If you look closely at her before-after pictures, you may see her facial features are different, especially her eyes, chin and jawline. Let’s check out her pictures!

Kim Jung-eun’s Latest Drama ‘Duel’

Actress Kim Jung-eun had returned to TV after a recent hiatus after she got married in March 2016, taking on the starring role in a new thriller series on cable channel OCN.

Her role in ‘Duel,’ a prosecutor working on violent crime cases, will mark a change for Kim, who is mostly known for romantic comedies and melodramas. She last appeared in an MBC weekend drama in 2015.

‘Duel‘ tells the story of two clones, one representing good and the other evil, and a police officer whose daughter is kidnapped.

“I am very excited about taking part in this project after taking some time off to get married,” she said, “I have high expectations for this new drama, as it concerns the very interesting topic of clones, in the form of a nail-biting thriller. But at its core, it is about humanity and love. I will do my best not to let fans down.

Watch Duel if you want to see Kim Jung-eun’s plays!