The Truth Behind Kim Jung-eun’s Plastic Surgery

Kim Jung-eun in Ohlala Couple

Kim Jung-eun: Plastic Surgery or Not?

Have you heard the news about Kim Jung-eun confessing to plastic surgery? If you haven’t heard, then this is the perfect chance to know more about the facts of her plastic surgery! Before we go into the truth behind her plastic surgery, should we take a look at her profile shortly?

Kim Jung-eun’s Profile

Kim Jung-eun

Kim Jung-eun is a South Korean actress and was born on March 4, 1976. She made her debut back in 1975 by acting in the movie My Old Sweetheart. She was popular thanks to her roles in the movie Marrying the Mafia and numerous dramas such as Lovers in Paris, I Am Legend, and Make a Woman Cry. She is not only active in the acting field, but she also made appearances in some television shows. She also hosted a talk show called Kim Jung-eun’s Chocolate on SBS until 2011. Her most recent work was in 2017 where she starred in a drama titled Duel which was aired on OCN.

She has been married to her husband since 2016 after dating for four years. But, her marriage brought up some controversy because she started dating her husband after he divorced his ex-wife. It caused differed opinions among netizens because marrying someone who is divorced can be regarded as an aberration in Korean society. But, Kim Jung-eun’s agency released an official statement about her marriage and pleaded for people to respect the couple’s decision for marriage as a part of her private life.

If you want to see her recent activity, you can look on her Instagram account @chocolatecat9!

Plastic Surgery

Kim Jung-eun

If you have been following her activity since years ago, then you should have noticed that there are changes to some parts of her face. Let’s take a look at how her appearance has changed over the years!

Kim Jung-eun Graduation Photo

As you can see, above is Kim Jung-eun’s graduation photo, which means that this photo shows us her true face. But, after her debut, we can see some changes around her eyes. Below, you can see how her eyes have gone through some changes.

Kim Jung-eun Old Photo
Kim Jung-eun Old Photo

But, in recent years, it seems that she also got her nose done. In the photo below, we can see that her nose changed and looks sharper than before. It also looks obvious that she had some work done to her chin and jawline that look more refined than before.

Kim Jung-eun Recent Drama

While netizens speculated about her plastic surgery, she confessed about the alterations on a TV program. Back then, she appeared on Entertainment Weekly on KBS, and she was interviewed on the Guerilla Date section. At that time, she met her fans who asked her about whether she had plastic surgery or not when she looks so beautiful. She proudly answered yes to that question, admitting that she did have plastic surgery in the past. Her fan who also had plastic surgery replied her own confession and brought laughter to the studio.

Even though she had plastic surgery, there are some people who say she looked better previously. But, her fans support her by saying that she has always looked beautiful both before and after she got some work done to her facial features.

What do you think about Kim Jun-eun’s changes? Do you think she looks beautiful after her plastic surgery? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section!