Kim Jung Eun: Profile, Drama List, Boyfriend, Instagram, etc.

kim jung eun actress

Meet One of the Talented Senior Actress in South Korea, Kim Jung Eun!

We all know that Korean Drama has became popular globally. Many young, talented actress or actor are born and rising up every year. But despite all the new comers start to take over, the senior generation can’t be forgotten that easily. All their acting and performances on the screen, can be a good example for the junior to learn and evaluate more so they could increase their acting skills.

For today’s article we will learn more about this talented senior actress, her name is Kim Jung Eun. Some of you might feel unfamiliar after seeing her name right, especially the new comers of K-Drama lovers. Don’t worry, Channel-Korea will gives you the complete information about her.

Are you guys curious? Well then, without any further do let’s get into our topic!

Kim Jung Eun’s Full Profile

Full Name: Kim Jung Eun (김정은)
Birthday: March 4, 1976
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 170 cm
Blood Type: (Unknown)
Twitter: @chocolatecat9

Kim Jung Eun’s Drama and Movie List

The senior actress has played in various popular drama or movies, now let us see some of the list of her acting project bellow:

Drama Series

  • MBC – Revenge and Passion | 1997
  • MBC – Sunflower | 1998
  • SBS – All About Eve | 2000
  • SBS – Ladies of the Palace (as Neung Geum) | 2001-2002
  • SBS – Lovers in Paris (as Kang Tae Young) | 2004
  • SBS – Princess LuLu (Go Hee Soo) | 2005
  • SBS – Lovers (as Mi Joo) | 2006-2007
  • MBC – On Air (on ep.16) | 2008
  • MBC – General Hospital (Jung Ha Yoon) | 2008-2009
  • SBS – I Am Legend (as Jeon Seol Yi) | 2010
  • TV Chosun – Korean Peninsula (as Lim Jin Jae (Myung Joon’s wife)) | 2012
  • KBS2 – Ohlala Couple (as Na Yeo Ok)| 2012
  • MBC – Make A Woman Cry (as Jung Deok In) | 2015
  • OCN – Duel (as Choi Jo Hye) | 2017


  • 2002 – Fun Movie
  • 2002 – Marrying the Mafia (as Jang Jin Kyung)
  • 2003 – Mr. Butterfly (as Hyemi)
  • 2003 – Spring Breeze (as Hwa Jeong)
  • 2004 – How to Keep My Love (as Kim Hyun Joo)
  • 2005 – Blossom Again (as Cho In Young)
  • 2006 – Mission Sex Control (as Park Hyun Joo)
  • 2008 – Forever the Moment (as Kim Hae Kyung)
  • 2010 – Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle (as Jang Eun)
  • 2013 – Mr.Go (a cameo as show program MC)

Kim Jung Eun’s Stunning Performances in Her Top 5 Dramas

kim jung eun actress

As we can see before, Kim Jung Eun has star on many drama series. Each of them showing off the different side of herself through a great acting skills, proving that she is an outstanding and talented senior actress. And now let’s check out Jeung Eun’s Top 5 dramas picked by Channel-Korea, where she shows her stunning performances on the screen!

Lovers in Paris

kim jung eun actress

In 2004, Kim Jung Eun was selected as one of the main cast members of ‘Lovers in Paris’. Directed by Shin Woo Cheol, and has around 20 episodes which was aired in SBS every Saturday and Sunday around 9:55 PM KST. This drama was so popular, even Jung Eun and her male partner cast Park Shin Hyang, won a Daesang at 2004 SBS Drama Awards for it.

The drama is about Kang Tae Young (played by Kim Jung Eun) who’s work as a housekeeper, was taken away by Han Gi Ju (played by Park Shin Yang) who is a chairman of GD Motors and a divorced man that works in Paris. Tae Young is a poor International student that chases her father dream which is studying in Paris.

Then Gi Ju’s nephew named Yoo Soo Hyeon (played by Lee Dong Geon), meet with Tae Young. And from there, Soo Hyeon started to fall in love with her. Here are one of the picture of Kim Jung Eun during the drama:

If you guys are curious about the drama, here is one of the episode 1 video from YouTube that we found for you guys. For the rest of the episode, you can search it on several K-Drama portal website in Google. Happy watching!

General Hospital 2

kim jung eun actress

A drama directed by No Do Cheol, the drama with total 17 episode was first aired on November 19, 2008. General Hospital 2 is the continuation series of General Hospital that previously aired back in 1994, and also the movie called ‘General Hospital the Movie: A Thousands Days’ which aired in 2000.

This drama were focused around the lives of a two people who are a 3rd year interns who worked as the same hospital, as they both slowly mature in their careers. Jung Ha Yoon (played by Kim Jung Eun) has passed the examination bar so she could become a lawyer who helps in malpractice cases. There’s also a passionate man who dedicated to saving lives, even when he only graduated at the bottom of the class in medical school.

Curious of how Kim Jung Eun look during the ‘General Hospital 2’, take a look at one of her picture bellow!

kim jung eun actress

And here are one of the clip from the drama:

Ohlala Couple

kim jung eun actress

A comedy-romance drama directed by Lee Jung Sub and Jeon Woo Sung, has around 12 episode and aired back in 2012. The story begins with Sayuri (played by Kim Jung Eun) who’s a geisha helped an independence activist Joo Hwan (played by Shin Hyun Joon), to throw a hand grenade towards the Japanese governor, but the mission failed. While asking for a time after her arrestment, Sayuri wished that she and Joo Hwan will born again and reunite as a married couple in their next life.

After the suicide attempt, finally in the year 2012 Sayuri and Joo Hwan became a 12 years old married couple with the name Yeo Ok (Kim Jung Eun) and Soo Nam (Shin Hyun Joon). But her new life is not that smooth like the expectation, there are a lot of problems coming at Yeo Ok including her husband that cheats with other woman.

Here some of the screen capture of Kim Jung Eun during ‘Ohlala Couple’ filming:

kim jung eun actress

Korean Peninsula

kim jung eun actress

With total 18 episodes. The drama was aired on TV Chosun, with runtime every Monday and Tuesday at 8:50 PM KST. Its about the future time, where South and North Korea relations has finally bloomed. A scientist from South Korea name Seo Myung Joon (played by Hwang Jung Min) are in charge of some project, and work close with Lim Jin Jae (played by Kim Jung Eun) who came from North Korea. While the other technicians and researcher from both country, works under both of them.

All technicians and researcher works peacefully before at the development station, but there is still some tension. Suddenly Jin Jae received an order, where she have to steal a core technology behind the operation. But then she refused and turns down the order, Jin Jae also involve in a love story with Myung Joon.

Here are some photo of Kim Jung Eun during the drama:

kim jung eun actress

Also a preview video, where they show us behind the scenes of the drama:

Make A Woman Cry

In 2015, Kim Jung Eun participated on a drama project directed by Kim Geun Hong and Park Sang Hoon. The drama ‘Make A Woman Cry’ contains 40 episodes, and aired every Saturday and Sunday at MBC network. The story is about a former detective named Deok In (played by Kim Jung Eun), that quit her job and started to opened a small restaurant in front of a school.

This school is the place where her son attended before he died, she tries to keep the memory of her beloved son. Deok In also try to forgive a person, who is responsible for her son’s death.

Here are one of her picture from the scene of the drama:

kim jung eun actress

One of the short clip from ‘Make A Woman Cry’, let’s check it out!


kim jung eun actress

One of the popular OCN’s drama, ‘Duel’ was first premiers in June 3, 2017. Total 16 episodes, the runtime was on Saturday and Sunday at 10 PM for episode 1 & 2 but for the rest of the episode, it will aired at 10:20 PM KST.

The story is about a chief of a crime squad named Jang Deuk Cheon, was involved in a shocking cases after meeting with a human clones. Kim Jung Eun also participated on the drama, and played as the second lead character named Choi Jo Hye. She is a chief prosecutor, who has solved some cases with her daring and accurate judgement.

One of the screen capture photo of Kim Jung Eun during the drama:

kim jung eun actress

Here are the video teaser of her character: