Who Is Kim Jun-ho’s Wife?

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Kim Jun-ho’s Love Life

Comedian Kim Jun-ho is reportedly officially divorced from his wife Kim Eun-young after 12 years of marriage. The two got married in 2006 and didn’t have a child until they were split in January 2018. Kim Eun-young was a theater actress who lived separately from Jun Ho for the last five month before the divorce. Once, on a TV show, Kim Jun-ho revealed, “After marrying my wife, I asked her if there was something that she wanted to do before having a child, and she said she wanted to study abroad for a year. So, I sent her to the Philippines. But, a year later, she said she wanted to do business there.”

In fact, it is a common thing for Korean men to live alone because their wives are overseas for school. But, it was getting hard for Jun-ho because he didn’t have any children. Moreover, after finishing her studies in the Philippines, Kim Eun-young didn’t return to Korea but stayed to run her business instead.

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Sadly, on January 22, Kim Jun Ho’s management JDB Entertainment announced their split through media. It was stated:

Hello. This is comedian Kim Jun-ho’s agency, JDB Entertainment. First, we would like to apologize for telling you unfortunate news and will tell you our statement regarding the article about Kim Jun-ho’s divorce. After spending a lot of time apart, they naturally grew distant, and their difference in personality led to making this inevitable decision for each other’s futures. He feels sorry to many people because he can’t show himself living happily. Kim Jun-ho will continue to try his best at his work so we ask you to look upon him warmly with interest. In conclusion, the two people decided to go on their own paths, but they are supportive of one another. This was a decision made after much thought and discussion so we respectfully ask you to refrain from distorted or malicious comments and reports. Thank you.

The next day, Jun-ho posted a photo on his Instagram with the caption, “The divorce is not one-sided. It’s a decision we made after enough careful discussion. I’m pained that all this speculation with no evidence is causing the person I love to be hurt once again. I again ask that you refrain from malicious comments and speculative headlines.

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After divorcing Kim Eun-young, Kim Jun-ho reportedly hasn’t met someone else and is not dating another woman. But, he is still continuing his career in the entertainment industry and is currently appearing in Gag Concert.