Everything About Comedian Kim Jun-ho: Profile, Variety Shows, Scandal, and More!

Kim Jun-ho’s Family

Kim Jun-ho

In his family, Kim Jun-ho has a younger sister named Kim Min-ji, and a brother named Kim Jun-mo. Just like her brother, Kim Min-ji also went into the entertainment industry, and became pretty famous as a televisoin host. Not much is known about Kim Jun-mo other than his name.

The relationship between Kim Jun-ho and his siblings was quite close. On one of the episodes of 2 Days 1 Night, Kim Jun-ho called his sister when she was drunk. The funny part about the call was when he was called her cell phone, she was so drunk she didn’t recognize his voice!

In another episodes of 2 Days 1 Night, his younger sister and his Mom surprised Kim Jun-ho by visiting him. She jokingly said that Kim Jun-ho was lonely, and that’s why she and his mom visited him.

Scandal and Controversies Surrounding Kim Jun-ho

Kim Jun-ho

When you’re a public figure, you’re always in the spotlight, whether it’s because of an achievement or because of being involved in some controversy. Kim Jun-ho was rumoured to be involved in a couple of controversies at different times, such as gambling and also having financial trouble. Were those stories accurate? Let’s find out together!


The first controversy Kim Jun-ho was involved in was about reportedly participating in illegal gambling. As a result of those allegations, he was banned from working on TV for a year, and he barely did any other kind of work outside of KBS. But after 7 months of good behavior, Kim Jun-ho returned to television and continued his career in the entertainment industry.

Financial Trouble

How about the financial trouble? Kim Jun-ho was the founder and co-CEO of CoKo Entertainment. Unfortunately, in 2015 he decided to close CoKo Entertainment officially. The agency’s closure was the result of going broke, and it made an official sttement before closing its doors:

We thank everyone for all the attention CoKo Entertainment had received until now. Unfortunately, it is hard for us to announce such a grieving news to you all. We’d like to explain a more in-depth story of our financial issues that we brought to the public in the recent past along with out opinion and plans for the future“.

Kim Jun-ho used his own money to pay some of performers who hadn’t been  paid yet. All of the partners from CoKo Entertainment gave their best to pay all of the workers in defunct agency.

Kim Jun-ho’s Latest News

Kim Jun-ho

After all the discussion about Kim Jun-ho, you might want to know what he’s up to now! Before taking on the topic in-depth, let’s look at the latest news from the recent updates on his Instagram account, @charliekimi!

Kim Jun-ho posing with an actor, and supporting him on his upcoming movies!

In February, the comedian performed at the 2019 K-Soul Music Festival! In January, 2019, Kim Jun-ho also appeared on tvN’s Soulmate 2 with Lee Ki-woo, and Kim Jun-ho was showing off about his friendship with V from BTS. He said that V was his brother!

As we know, Kim Jun-ho had been participating on the variety-reality show 2 Days 1 Night, but, unfortunately, the show has reportedly gone on indefinite hiatus due to problems around Jung Joon-young’s controversy. As a result we won’t be able to keep watching Kim Jun-ho.

Well, Channel Korea has introduced you all of the details about Kim Jun-ho, started from his profile, variety shows, scandal, and more! So, what’s next for Kim Jun-ho? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out! Don’t forget to submitted your thoughts in the comment section!