Kim Ju-hyeon’s Profile and Facts

Kim Ju Hyeon

Han Ga-in’s Doppelganger

Kim Ju-hyeon is a new rising actress in the Korean entertainment industry. Many people are captivated by her beauty, and that she looks like a carbon copy of South Korean’s popular actress, Han Ga In. She is also known as the one who was chosen to play the female lead in the drama version of ‘My Sassy Girl’. Are you curious about her? Let’s take a look at her profile and some interesting facts about her.

Kim Ju-hyeon: Profile and Facts

Kim Ju-hyeon is a South Korean actress who started her career as an actress in 2007. She was born on March 10th, 1987. She graduated from Dongguk University, where she majored in Theatre and Film. She was previously known as Han Ju-hyeon, but she changed her name to Kim Ju-hyeon. Her first movie, Epitaph, gained huge popularity and praise for its cinematography and shots. She started to appear in dramas where she played a supporting role in ‘Love, My Love’ (2012). After she made her debut in the television industry, she was quite active in joining several other dramas in supporting roles, such as ‘Swine Escape’ (2013), ‘Modern Family’ (2014), and ‘Unni is Alive’ (2017). Even though she had already joined this industry 11 years ago, she is still considered a new actress. The public also became interested in her for her resemblance to Han Ga In.

When the popular ‘My Sassy Girl’ movie was made into a drama, there was an audition to find the female lead actress at that time. Ju Hyeon passed the audition, and they planned to have her play the lead character along with Joo Won. However, she was reported to draw back from the production because she was burdened by the fact that this was her first time as a lead character, and people were focusing their attention on her. Thus, she was replaced by Oh Yeon Seo.

  • Name: Kim Ju-hyeon
  • Ex-stage name: Han Ju Hyeon
  • Profession: Actress
  • Birthdate: Mar 10, 1981
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 165cm
  • Weight: 46kg
  • Star sign: Pisces
  • Talent agency: Huayi Brothers Entertainment
  • Education: Dongguk University (Theatre and Film)

Kim Ju-hyeon’s Filmography

Modern Farmer (2014)

This drama is about members of a popular rock group who decided to move to a countryside where one of the members’ grandmother left a farmland for him to take care of. Kim Ju-hyeon played a supporting role named Song Hwa Ran, who has a romantic relationship with Han Ki Joon (played by Kwak Dong Yeon).

Unni is Alive (2017)

‘Unnie is Alive’ or also known as ‘Band of Sisters’ tells the story of 3 women with their own conditions and problems who lost their loved ones at the same time. Kim Ju-hyeon is one of the main characters in this drama, played Kang Ha Ri, who lost her husband who died in a car crash on their wedding day.

The Rich Son (2018)

‘The Rich Son’ is a family drama and Ju Hyeon’ newest project. She becomes one of the main cast members of this drama named Kim Young Ha. She plays alongside Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Kyu Han, and other popular artists in South Korea.

Year Title Role
2007 Epitaph
2008 Life Is Cool High school girl 1
2016 Pandora Yeon-joo


Year Title Role Network
2012 Love, My Love Shim Yun-hong KBS2
2013 Drama Festival “Swine Escape” Boo-yong MBC TV
2014 Modern Farmer Song Hwa-ran SBS TV
2017 Unni Is Alive Kang Ha-ri SBS TV
2018 Rich Family’s Son Kim Young-ha MBC TV