Kim Joo-hyuk’s Death: Funeral Photos and Videos

Kim Joo-hyuk’s Death Cause

Kim Joo-hyuk was one of most popular actors in South Korean. On 30 October, 2017, Kim Joo-hyuk was involved in a fatal car accident that reportedly took place around 4:30 p.m. KST in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

He was known for his leading roles in many successful movies, including My Wife Got MarriedThe Servant, and Yourself and Yours. He was also one of the original regular cast members on the third season of KBS2’s reality-variety show 2 Days & 1 Night.

He had three upcoming movies slated for release next year. Kim Joo-hyuk had finished shooting his part for the film Dok-jeon, Lee Hae Young’s crime-action drama that is still in production, reports said. Kim Joo-hyuk played a China-based drug lord in the film. He also starred in Cho Geun Hyun’s Heung-bu, which wrapped up shooting on August 18. The last  project he agreed to is another movie with Hyun Bin, Kim Sung Hoon’s period-slash-zombie flick Rampant (Chang-gweol). He had only finished one of his four shoots for the film at the time of the accident. Kim had also been in talks to star in Yoo Jae Wook’s crime thriller, but that hadn’t progressed to filming yet.

Kim Joo-hyuk’s Car Accident

His Mercedes-Benz SUV was driving down Yeongdong Daero, when it crashed into another vehicle near an I-Park apartment complex in Samseong-dong. Kim Joo-hyuk’s car then crashed into the wall of an apartment complex and flipped down the stairs. He was taken to Konkuk University Hospital, where he pronounced dead two hours after his arrival. It took rescue workers about 40 minutes to pull Kim out of the wreckage.

According to the police and Konkuk University Medical Center, the accident seems to have occurred after he showed symptoms of a myocardial infarction (heart attack). This statement was seconded by a witness who was driving behind Kim Joo-hyuk’s car before the accident happened.

There’s a video the car behind that caught the moment of the accident.

On Tuesday morning, October 31st,  the Gangnam Police station said that it had asked the NFS to conduct an autopsy on Kim to verify the exact cause of his death. Kim Joo-hyuk’s body was sent to NFS at around 9 am on Tuesday.

Autopsy result

After an autopsy was held on Kim Joo-hyuk, it was revealed that he died from a fatal head injury. Police and the National Forensic Service (NFS) said on October 31st, 2017, that the immediate cause of Kim Joo-hyuk’s death was a head injury that caused a cranial fracture, serious enough to have instantly killed him.

“No traces of alcohol or toxins were detected, and our heart examinations didn’t show any signs of coronary artery damage, abnormal blood vessels, or inflammation.”

They added that there was no evidence of myocardial infarction, commonly known as a heart attack, which had previously been reported as the possible cause accident. A more detailed autopsy result would be made available after about a week, police said.

The witness who had been behind him later admitted the error of his earlier statement, saying that he was confused at the time of the accident. The witness also corrected his statement about Kim clutching his chest in pain, saying that Kim was actually grabbing the steering wheel with his two hands, while leaning his chest on it, with a pain-stricken face.

There was no evidence of brake failure. The National Forensic Service explained that as the car had been severely damaged, they were not able to carry out a normal driving test. The investigation results were determined by checking sensor data after connecting or replacing damaged parts, starting the engine, and accelerating.

“It has been concluded that the video of the accident taken by the black box found in Kim Joo-Hyuk’s car did not record any audio data (of the inside of the car).”