Born in 1972, Does Kim Joo-hyuk Have a Wife?

Kim Joo-hyuk and Lee Yoo-young’s Dating News

Lastly, in late 2016, Kim Joo-hyuk announced his relationship with actress Lee Yoo-young whom he had a 17-year age gap with. The couple first met through Hong Sang-soo’s film Yourself and Yours. However, it was only in October that they decided to date.

Many people found that Kim Joo-hyuk and Lee Yoo-young’s relationship was surprising mostly because of their big age gap. However, their fellow colleagues stated that despite the massive age gap, their personalities match well so it did not matter at all. In addition, Kim Joo-hyuk and Lee Yoo-young often went out without covering themselves with hats or face masks, signifying their intention to not hide their relationship.

In his last interview after the finale of the drama Argon, Kim Joo-hyuk said that he planned to marry Lee Yoo-young, celebrate his 20th debut anniversary, and have a daughter. Sadly, his hopeful plan was never executed as he passed away in a traffic accident on October 30, 2017. What makes Kim Joo-hyuk’s final departure sadder is that Lee Yoo-young was told the news while staying in Busan for SBS’ Running Man. After getting permission from the staff, Lee Yoo-young went back to Seoul to mourn along with her boyfriend’s family.

On March 13, 2018, Lee Yoo-young attended the press conference of her film Marionette. During the questioning session, a journalist carefully asked the actress about her condition subsequent to her boyfriend’s passing away.

After managing her composure, Lee Yoo-young answered, “I still miss him. He would always encourage me warmly, so I think he would like to see me doing well anywhere I go. With that in mind, I am trying to work hard and continue my career as an actress.” Moreover, Lee Yoo-young said that she is currently busy learning French for her next drama so her sadness regarding Kim Joo-hyuk does not occupy her mind as much as her new activities.