Born in 1972, Does Kim Joo-hyuk Have a Wife?

Is Kim Joo-hyuk Already Married?

After working for nearly 20 years in South Korea’s entertainment industry, Kim Joo-hyuk is gone too soon after a fatal traffic collision in October 2017. Before his sudden death, Kim Joo-hyuk had expressed several times his wish to get married. In one episode of KBS2’s 2 Days and 1 Night where he joined the regular cast, Kim Joo-hyuk wrote a letter pretending to be his future self 10 years from then. In that letter, Kim Joo-hyuk said that he is married and expects his second child whereas his first child is going to school. As sad as it seems that the scenario of his future letter will not come true, we can see Kim Joo-hyuk’s eagerness and sincerity to tie the knot and have a family as soon as possible.

Kim Joo-hyuk and Kim Ji-soo’s Dating News

The first female celebrity Kim Joo-hyuk went out publicly with is senior actress Kim Ji-soo. Both of them starred in the SBS drama A River Runs Through It in 2003 and decided to have a public relationship after the drama ended.

Kim Joo-hyuk and Kim Ji-soo became a famous actor and actress couple in the industry. Unfortunately, the pair decided to separate in 2009, though they assured the public that they were still maintaining a good friendship as label mates in Namoo Actors. Their solid friendship was proven by Kim Ji-soo visiting Kim Joo-hyuk’s mortuary as soon as the actor was brought up to the funeral parlor.

Kim Joo-hyuk and Kim Gyu-ri’s Dating News

The second female celebrity Kim Joo-hyuk had a public relationship with was actress Kim Gyu-ri. Both of them starred in God of War in 2012. Their agencies confirmed the dating news of their artists, “It has been about three months since they started their relationship. Even though they did not make it in the drama, they made it in reality.” However, marriage was not on the table for the pair as they were just getting to know each other. Regrettably, Kim Joo-hyuk and Kim Gyu-ri ended their relationship in July 2013. According to their agencies, Kim Joo-hyuk and Kim Gyu-ri’s relationship faded due to their busy schedules. However, they were still supportive of each other as senior and junior in the entertainment industry while concentrating on their work to overcome the break-up.