Kim Jong-kook’s Profile and Facts: Age, Height, Songs, Abs, News, TV Shows, Girlfriend, and Drama List

The Famous Chocolate Abs

Kim Jong-kook is famous for his fantastic figure, he’s got the perfect sculpted abs in all the right places, and honestly we all are living for it! In an interview, he said that he works out everyday and this shows just how much of a health enthusiast he is. He maintains his health not just by hitting the gym but also by avoiding fatty foods and only drinking alcohol for year-end parties. He also doesn’t smoke.

And here, let me satisfy your thirst with a couple of pictures of Kim Jong-kook’s abs. Check it out!

Kim Jong-kook’s News

Kim Jong-kook had a medical procedure done on August 27, 2010. He had lumbar microdiscectomy surgery which was done to relieve his herniated disk. Yeah, apparently he’s been struggling with a herniated disk since he was in high school. Kim’s management company, 101 Entertainment, declared, “Kim Jong-kook carried on with his daily activities without knowing that he had a ruptured disk. However, he did feel pain, but didn’t think much of it, and he endured his condition with painkillers while filming SBS Running Man.” Hmm, this really shows just how much of a hard worker he is! Get well soon, Kim Jong-kook!

In 2011, a controversy was sparked involving Kim Jong-kook. At that time, he controversially attended the wedding of Yoo Seung-jun (Steven Yoo) in person, who is a Korean-American singer and actor that is banned from re-entering South Korea after evading military service.

Four years later, when he appeared a guest on the popular talk show, Healing Camp, he decided to explain his many personal controversies, including his choice to work as a public service worker instead of an active-duty soldier during his mandatory military enlistment. Apparently the reason for his action was because of his herniated disk, which makes it hard for him to do heavy chores. Hopefully he will get better in the future.