Kim Jong-kook’s Profile and Facts: Age, Height, Songs, Abs, News, TV Shows, Girlfriend, and Drama List

I’m sure that those of you who watch the famous reality show Running Man must already know Kim Jong-kook. Yes, he has been a permanent member of the show from 2010 until now. He is also mostly known for his muscular figure, and that is why he is also known as “SpartaKook”  and “Chocolate Abs”. He has been in the entertainment industry from 1995 until now which is a very long time, if I do say so myself, because a lot has happened since then and it is thanks to his skill as an entertainer that he has been able to maintain his fame up until now. Well done for him!

“The Chocolate Abs” Kim Jong-kook’s Profile

As mentioned above, Kim Jong-kook is also known as “Chocolate Abs” and this is because every time he comes up on a show, the hosts would always ask him to show off his muscular body and those toned abs to the audience. What a treat, right?

Kim Jong-kook is currently 42 years old. He was born on April 25, 1976 in Hapcheon, South Korea. He is 178 cm tall and weighs in at 78 kg. His family consists of his parents and an older brother. He started his education by attending Myeong Hak Elementary School, then he continued his studies at Shin Seong Middle High School before graduating from from Hansei University with Bachelor of Arts degree in music composition. Later, he resumed his education by obtaining a master’s degree at the Pop Culture Performing Arts – School of Arts Department of Dankook University.

Even though he is mostly known as an entertainer now, he started his career as a singer. In 1995, Kim Jong-kook made his debut in a duo group called Turbo along with Kim Jung-nam. At that time the duo was considered to be one of the most popular idol groups, and they sold out millions of albums in South Korea and the rests of Asia. Sadly, the duo did not last for long. Just two years later, Kim Jung-nam decided to leave and Kim Jong-kook continued to promote with a new member, Mikey. Later in December 2001, Kim Jong-kook released his debut solo album, Renaissance. Apparently in 2015 they made a comeback as a trio with title song, Again.

When he first debuted as a solo singer, things did not go smoothly. He had to go through some obstacles first, such as lack of songs from composers, less support from his respected agency, and also a change of taste within the fans that caused his first album as a solo artist to fail. Thankfully, things got better when he released his second solo album Evolution in 2004. This time his solo album was a success. In the following year, he released another solo album This Is Me which again got positive feedback from the fans.

Currently he is still active in the entertainment industry, but he is more focused on being the host of several TV shows, such as Running Man, Big Picture, and My Little Boy.

Kim Jong-kook’s Girlfriend

At the moment, he is single, and although there are rumors about his romantic connections with other celebrities like Song Ji-hyo, Yoon Eun-hye, or Moon Geun-young that have been circulating for years, he hasn’t said anything specific in public about his love life. Let’s discuss more about how those three celebrities could get tangled up in the rumors of being the SpartaKoo’s girlfriend. Here we go!

Song Ji-hyo

On an episode of Running Man, there was a fortune teller who predicted that actress Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook have an astounding compatibility which is over 80%! Knowing this, the fans started to speculate about a possible marriage between the two, and some media reporters took this as a fact, therefore the rumor just blew up. Both parties have already denied this rumor, but honestly this rumor did get us excited for a while, didn’t it?

Yoon Eun-hye

This rumor started when Kim Jong-kook confessed in public that the multi-talented actress is his ideal type. He even made a public proposal in a variety program, but sadly the actress rejected him. Well, we hope he will have better luck next time.

Moon Geun-young

Another his ideal type him for him is actress Moon Geun-young. In an interview, he said, “She is of 5.5 feet tall, not too thin, and has a round face. I like her big eyes. Because my eyes are small.” But until now, the rumor is still just a rumor, and there have been no further updates about these two.