Dating Rumors with Actress Song Ji-hyo: Who Is Kim Jong-kook’s Actual Girlfriend?

On the My Ugly Duckling variety show, Song Ji-hyo said that she adored Kim Jong-kook like her brother. She couldn’t have a relationship with someone she worked with. It was very sad, because Kim Jong-kook’s mother already gave them her blessing.

Ahjussi’s Real Love Life

At the present time, the 42-year-old Kim Jong-kook is known to be single. On a My Ugly Duckling episode in March, 2018, Kim Jong-kook revealed his past dating experiences, mistakes, and regrets of his previous relationships, which surprised his own mother and his fellow cast members.

He confessed that in his last relationship, he had been with his ex for six years. The one before that, they went on more than seven years together. He admitted that the failed relationships were his fault. He took a long time getting ready to propose his exes, and they got tired of waiting.

“It’s completely all my fault. I wanted to be perfectly prepared for marriage and creating a family so I would say “just wait a little more, a little more” but eventually, I think my need for perfection caused the breakups.” Kim Jong-kook said.

He also said that his loneliness right now is a punishment for him for delaying his intentions to marry. “I am being punished,” he said. His mother was shocked by these revelations, because Kim Jong-kook didn’t tell her much about his love life.

It’s unfortunate things have worked out that way for him, seeing that he’s actually both a hot and talented man, who is mature enough to make a good husband. Let’s hope Kim Jong-kook Ahjussi will find the best woman for him to spend the rest of their lives with!