Here Are Several Moments Where Kim Jong-kook Failed To Be Healthy On SBS’ ‘My Little Old Boy’

Surprise Sashimi Cake

In episode 142 of My Little Old Boy, Kim Jong-kook, his manager and younger friend visited Yeosu, a city located on the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula in South Jeolla Province. Yeosu is famous for its beach, night beach sightseeing and seafood sashimi. They drove all the way from Seoul, northern side, to Yeosu. The trio stopped to eat at several places during their trip, Anseong, Cheongnam Tangjin, and Cheongnam Nonsan.

Kim Jong-kook thought that they will return to Seoul after eating salted seafood for lunch in Cheongnam Nonsan. His younger friends didn’t tell him their last destination and Kim Jong-kook didn’t think they will go as far as Yeosu. When his manager gave a hint of their final destination, a place well known for night beach sightseeing, he couldn’t hide his frustration knowing that they were heading to Yeosu.

Kim Jong-kook couldn’t believe it when they finally arrived in Yeosu. His manager was very happy and excited, an exact opposite of his dejected mood. When they arrived in Yeosu, it was sunset and night was creeping in Yeosu. They headed to a restaurant famous for Spanish mackerel sashimi. As soon as he saw the Spanish mackerel, weighed at 10 kg with 1 m length, his mood improved and he became excited. It turned out the Spanish mackerel sashimi was very delicious, soft and not greasy. Kim Jong-kook praised his manager and thanked him for introducing Spanish mackerel sashimi. Before finishing the sashimi, the manager prepared a surprise party and presented him with a birthday cake made entirely from sashimi. The sashimi cake consisted of two layers of raw fish, made of raw salmon and flounder meat and topped with birthday candles. It was his 44th birthday. His manager planned this sashimi trip because he knew that Kim Jong Kook likes sashimi very much. The trip ended with a beautiful and delicious sashimi cake for Kim Jong-Kook’s birthday.

Eating Salty Sea Food

In episodes 140 and 142 of My Little Old Boy, Kim Jong-kook and the fat brothers went on a raw fish eating trip. They went to several areas that are famous for seafood such as Cheongnam Tangjin and Cheongnam Nonsan. In episode 140, they went to Tangjin to eat Korean anchovy sashimi. It was the best time to eat anchovy sashimi because, during the spring, Korean anchovy’s bone is soft and delicious to eat. They ordered anchovy set for three people which consisted of raw anchovy sashimi, anchovy pancake, anchovy egg stew, bean paste anchovy stew, and fried anchovy chips. As soon as the food was served, they devoured all of it within only five minutes. They enjoyed the anchovy set very much, especially Kim Jong-kook. It was the first time for them to eat anchovy sashimi.

Episode 142 showed Kim Jong-kook and the fat brothers visiting a salted seafood restaurant in Cheongnam Nonsan. At first, the fat brothers ordered mackerel sashimi which tastes very soft and delicious but slightly oily. Spring is the best time to enjoy mackerel sashimi in Cheongnam Nonsan.

After eating two meals of fish sashimi in a row, Kim Jong-kook felt full and opted off for another meal. But the fat brothers didn’t waste any chance and ordered a salty seafood set without his permission. Salted seafood is a staple dish in coastal areas which is made of varieties of sea animals, marinated with salt and fermented for months. In the restaurant, the salted seafood set consisted of 20 kinds of salted dishes with additional side dishes. Salted cutlassfish, clams, octopus, squid, shrimp, herring, scallop, oyster, mackerel were some of the salted dishes being served. Their table barely contained all the food.

King Beef Curry With Fish Chips

This time, in episode 122 of My Little Old Boy, Kim Jong-kook and the fat brothers exercised in Namsan tower. Kim Jong-kook made the fat brothers exercise by climbing the stairs of Namsan tower. After successfully climbing the Namsan tower stairs, he treated the fat brothers with pork cutlets and fish chips. They ordered king beef curry for each of them and one fish chip portion as a side dish.

While eating, Kim Jong-kook talked about exercising all the time and urged the fat brothers to exercise more. He said that because king beef curry and fish chips contain many calories, they should consider it as fuel to burn and asked them to use the energy for exercise.

He then recalled the night in Baekryeong Island where they promised to climb the stairs of Building 63 in Seoul. Kim Jong-kook made a deal with the fat brothers. He promised to treat them and give them anything they want if they successfully climb all the stairs of Lotte Tower. Lotte Tower has 123 floors and a height of 555 m. The fat brothers couldn’t say anything and immediately lost their appetite. It turned out that Kim Jong Kook fed them king beef curry and fish chips, food with a lot of calories, in order to force them to climb the Lotte Tower stairs. Finally, the fat brothers agreed on condition Kim Jong-kook fulfills both of their wishes if they succeed in the challenge.