Not Just a Good Voice, Kim Jong-kook Also Has Perfect Abs!

Kim Jong-kook

Who is Kim Jong-kook?

Kim Jong-kook is famously recognized by his amazing voice, and obviously, he’s one of the best male singers in South Korea. Kim Jong-kook has also participated in many variety shows, and one of his popular performances was on Running Man. With all of his popularity, Kim Jong-kook must be the best idol ever, especially for his fans. But, have you ever noticed that beyond his good voice and career, Kim Jong-kook also has perfect abs? Through this article, Channel-Korea will present you with Kim Jong-kook’s and his perfect abs!

Kim Jong-kook, The Sports Enthusiast

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As we said before, Kim Jong-kook participates on some variety shows, and Running Man was one where he showed off his abs a lot. In one of the episodes, Kim Jong-kook casually took off his long-sleeve shirt and showed off his perfect abs.

Many women were drugged by the picture posted by sbs_runningman on Instagram. They commented things like, “Wow, how lucky I am to see Jong-kook’s abs!”

Kim Jong-kook seems to love showing off his abs. That’s proven again in one of the episodes of JTBC’s Hidden Singer. Kim Jong-kook played a game with the others, and he said that if he loses, he will reveal his abs. And, as promised, Kim Jong-kook opened up his suit and showed his abs to the crowd. Obviously, that was not the first time he amazed people.

Kim Jong-kook is known by people as a man who loves sports and exercise. He is also known as a person who takes care of his health. So, it is no wonder that he has perfect abs, right? In an episode of Running Man, Kim Jong-kook showed his workout session which included lifting 45 kg and 50 kg weights single-handedly. He was even able to lift the 210 kg weights single-handedly!

The main reason why Kim Jong-kook takes care of his body and health is that when he was in high school, he would sometimes experience serious back pain. He revealed that it was so terrible at times that he couldn’t even get off of the bus. Pain that seriously happened to him 3 times.

Then, he went to a doctor, and the doctor suggested that he should go to a gym. When he started to work out, the pain started to fade away. The more he worked out, the more the pain went away. But, now, Kim Jong-kook is fully recovered, and his obsession with working out continues. For Kim Jong-kook, his career is important but health is more important.

Kim Jong-kook also revealed when people asked how he stays fit and in perfect shape, “I don’t count calories. I eat a lot and work out a lot.” He added, “I try to go to the gym every day.”