As Pretty As a Model, Meet Kim Ji-yoon, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s Sister!

jisoo sister jiyoon

Meet the Beautiful Sister of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Kim Ji-yoon

It’s 2021 and who doesn’t know BLACKPINK?

Of course, everyone knows the talented girls from K-pop who have dominated Billboard and the global charts. Being one of the most phenomenal K-pop idols that are not only popular nationwide, but also worldwide, let’s just admit that BLACKPINK’s popularity is undeniable.

But it’s not just BLACKPINK that that have become popular. People around them too got attention.

For example, Jennie’s mom looks exactly just like her. Or her pet, Kai that sometimes she shared on social media.

Or Lisa’s parents who are so cute just like her.

Rosé’s parent and sister who always support her even from afar, just like Lisa’s family.

But do you know that Jisoo’s family also stole everyone’s attention, especially around BLINKS?

jisoo sibling

It’s already known that Jisoo is one of the prettiest K-pop idols right now who has a stunning visual. Can you imagine how beautiful she might be if Jisoo has a sister? Well, yeah, the genetic must be strong, because Jisoo’s older sister is just as pretty as Jisoo.

Let’s see who Jisoo’s sister is that we’re going to talk about is, Kim Ji-yoon, in the section below!

Kim Ji-yoon’s Profile

jisoo sister jiyoon

Name: Ji-yoon

Full name: Kim Ji-yoon

Korean/Hangul name: 김지윤

Hometown: Gunpo-si, South Korea

Occupation: Flight Attendant

Spouse: Kim Do-young

Children: 2 sons (Min-sung, Min-joon)

Age: 31 years old

Kim Ji-yoon Signed with a Modeling Agency

On March 17th, 2020, netizens got shocked by Jisoo’s sister, Kim Ji-yoon’s post on Agency Peace’s Instagram account. The agency posted a set of pictures of Kim Ji-yoon just like how any other agency posts a set of pictures of their models or talents.

There are speculations that Kim Ji-yoon probably will debut as an actress or model soon.

If we see how good the pictures were taken and how beautiful Kim Ji-yoon is in the photos, well, we can say that Jisoo’s sister really was born to be a model.

She really can pose just like a professional model.

jiyoon jisoo sister

Who can’t wait to see Kim Ji-yoon’s project with her agency?

Kim Ji-yoon’s Look-a-Like: Irene and Jisoo Combined?

If we take a look at Kim Ji-yoon’s photos, who do you think she resembles?

Jisoo? Yes, of course, she’s the sister of Jisoo. No wonder that she looks like Ji-soo.

jisoo sister jiyoon

But not only Jisoo, don’t you think that Kim Ji-yoon also looks like another idol?

Well, some netizens speculated that Kim Ji-yoon looks like Red Velvet’s Irene and Jisoo combined!

If pictures of Irene and Jisoo are combined together, it resembles Kim Ji-yoon’s face.

irene jisoo

Kim Ji-yoon’s pretty face is really something that is undeniable. She was so popular even when she was in high school. Her husband said that back then in high school, Kim Ji-yoon got the nickname “Gunpo’s Han Hyo-joo” because she looks like the actress Han Hyo-joo.

jisoo sister jiyoon

Who do you think she looks like? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

Kim Ji-yoon with Her Siblings: Kim Ji-soo, Kim Jung-hoon

The family of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo really has good genes if we see how pretty Jisoo and Kim Ji-yoon are. But do you know that they also have a brother?

Yes, Jisoo as the youngest child has an older brother, Kim Jung-hoon, and his look is just as stunning as his two sisters.

Both Kim Ji-yoon and Jisoo attended Kim Jung-hoon’s wedding.

jisoo sister jiyoon
jisoo sister

BLACKPINK’s members even attended the wedding as well.

jisoo blackpink wedding brother

Kim Ji-yoon and Jisoo are so close despite their relatively big age gap. They’re so close just like twin sisters.

jisoo sister jiyoon

Let’s just adore the family’s strong visual just by seeing the three Kim siblings.

Kim Ji-yoon’s Social Media: Is She Active on Instagram?

After seeing all that, you must be wondering if Kim Ji-yoon is on Instagram or not. Since she’s still young, it seems like it’s not possible that she doesn’t have any social media.

Well, thank goodness that Kim Ji-yoon has an Instagram account. You can follow her at @jiyyoon_s2!

jisoo sister jiyoon instagram

On her Instagram account, Kim Ji-yoon often shares her beautiful pictures or just the beautiful scenery.

But the two are just the same right, both her face and nature are just so adorable!


That’s all the info that we have gathered for you about Kim Ji-yoon, the sister of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. Let’s just hope that she will debut as an actress soon just like her sister, Jisoo. Also, since she’s a mom of two and a wife, let’s hope that she has a blessed family too! Cheers!