10 Gorgeous Photos of Actress Kim Ji-won Wearing a Bikini!


The Beautiful Actress Kim Ji-won!

Kim Ji-won was born on October 19, 1992. She is a South Korean actress whose name has been gaining popularity, especially after co-starring in the drama Fight for My Way with actor Park Seo-joon in 2017.


Kim Ji-won entered the entertainment industry in 2008, and at the beginning of her debut, she played in the drama, Mrs. Saigon. Kim Ji-Won first received attention after starring in the sitcom High Kick 2011: Revenge of the Short Legged along with other artists such as Krystal Jung and Lee Jong-Suk.


The first film she starred in was a romance with the title Romantic Heaven in 2011. Then, her name began to be widely known when she played in the drama The Heirs as Rachel Yoo along with Park Shin-hye, Lee Min-ho, and Kim Woo-bin.


She has also hosted the 30th KBS Drama Awards with Park Bo-gum and Jun Hyun-moon.


Now, she is busy with her latest drama which will be aired in 2019 with the title Asadal Chronicles.

Kim Ji-won Is Gorgeous in a Bikini!

In the SBS drama To the Beautiful You, Kim Ji Won played the role of gymnast Seol Han-na, and in this drama, she had to wear a bikini in episode 3. In this episode, Kim Ji-won is seen enjoying a cold drink by the outdoor swimming pool.


The episode showed how the children, including Sulli, planned to avoid the heat and enjoy their holidays. Specifically, Kim Ji-won drew attention to her cute, sexy bikini line that she revealed for the first time since her debut. She wore a pink polka dot bikini with a heart pattern, shorts, and a pink beach hat with sunglasses to show off her summer holiday appearance.


Because she had to wear a bikini in front of everyone for filming, Kim Ji-won’s facial expression showed a lot of awkwardness. In addition, it started to rain during the filming so trying to keep a natural atmosphere for the scene was difficult.


However, when the film began to roll, Kim Ji-won managed to overcome her shyness and was able to transform into the confident character Seol Han-na.