Kim Ji-ho’s Profile and Facts


An actress who reigned as the queen of CF in the 90’s, Kim Ji-ho!

In years 1995-1997, Kim Ji-ho was known by public as the CF queen who shot a lot of advertisements to the point where viewers had had enough of her excessive image consumption. Her career later slowed down, but she continued to play lead roles. Until, in 2001, she finally tied the knot with her past fellow actor “More Than Love”, Kim Ho-jin, at the Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel, and delivered her first baby daughter on April 8, 2004. After some time, in 2007, she then succeeded in recovering her image with a great success in the morning drama “Even So Love” (그래도 좋아!), where its rating exceeding 20%.

Despite being in her 40s, she’s currently still actively working as an actress, and looking more beautiful than ever in her latest photoshoots. It appears that she’s still signed under SY Entertainment ( along with active actors such as Kim Seong Gi, Lee Dong Ha, Kim Seon Ho, Nam Myeong Ryul and others. Let’s take a look at her profile and stories below!

Full Profile of Kim Ji-ho


Real Name : Kim Ji-ho (김지호)
Chinese Name : 金志祜
Nickname : Bunny
Years Active : 1994 – present
Occupation : Actress
Talent Agency : SY Entertainment
Nationality : South Korean
Birth Place : Seoul, South Korea
Birth Date : July 22, 1974
Blood Type : A
Western Zodiac : Cancer
Chinese Zodiac : Tiger
Height : 167 cm
Weight : 55 kg
Specialty : Acting
Languange : Korean
Religion : Protestant
Family : Kim Ho-jin (Spouse), Kim Hye Woo (1 Daughter)
Fancafe Website :

Facts and Trivia About Kim Ji-ho

  • She is a fan of the Doosan Bears (Korean baseball team).
  • She likes a natural and comfortable look. She said that it is convenient because it is not too splashy or burdensome. That’s why she wears plain clothes and sneakers almost every day.
  • She revealed that she was fat in her childhood days.
  • She has great cooking skills.
  • In 1996, she released an infant video called “Kim Ji-ho’s Dancing Song”. Also in 1998, she released another infant video called “Fanfare”. Both of them were produced by SBS.
  • Back in her heyday, she had no distinct beauty, but appealed to viewers with her tomboy charms, which were not burdensome for men.
  • She participated in some campaigns, such as Seoul ‘s Tap Water Arisu (2007), National Pension Service (2008 ~ 2009), and Food and Drug Safety Department (2014).
  • She attended an interview on the 32nd anniversary of the founding of Lotte Department Store (November 18, 23, 24, 2011).
  • She was commissioned as a publicity ambassador for the ‘Good Child Project’ of the musical ‘Don Quixote for Children’ which performed at the National Museum of Korea in 2011. It is a meaningful project where children bring a toy that they do not use to the theater, and issue a ‘Good Child Certificate’ to support children in difficult circumstances in the name of all the children involved.

Sweet Couple Kim Ji-ho and Kim Ho-jin


Nope. The couple has not yet divorced, and are still going strong. Back to their past love story, in 2001, the couple held their wedding ceremony on December 11, at the Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel, South Korea. They first met during the filming of a drama series in 2000, “More Than Love”. It was revealed on variety program “Happy Together” that at first, the actress hated Kim Ho-jin because he seemed too selfish. “In the cold weather on the shooting day, he didn’t care about other people, and would rink coffee by himself,” she said. However later then she fell in love with his well-mannered personality.


After more than 2 years, their first and only daughter named Kim Hye Woo was born on April 8, 2004. After the marriage, her reputation seemed to be diminishing due to the lack of broadcasting activities, it’s also due to her commitment to taking care of her children more.

In 2007, the couple published a travel guide book that was followed by a whole travel series. The couple is known to travel extensively, though they have slightly different interests when it comes to traveling. Kim Ho-jin is interested in foreign cuisine, while Kim Ji-ho likes foreign accessories. Aren’t they a sweet couple?