Get to Know Kim Jaejoong (JYJ): Profile, Tattoos, Plastic Surgery, Dramas, etc.

Songs and Albums


Recognized as the former main vocalist of TVXQ and main vocalist of JYJ, it is not a surprise that Kim Jaejoong has completed many solo projects and composed many songs. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of songs and albums by Kim Jaejoong that you may want to hear!

2006 – “Greetings” (original soundtrack of A Millionaire’s First Love)

2008 – TVXQ’s track on Mirotic – the 4th Album (Korean album), “Don’t Cry My Lover” (songwriting)

2008 – TVXQ’s track on T – the 3rd Album (Japanese album), “As We Kissed, Goodbye” (songwriting)

2009 – TVXQ’s track on The Secret Code – the 4th Album (Japanese album), “Don’t Forget” (songwriting)

2009 – TVXQ’s track on The Secret Code – the 4th Album (Japanese album), “9095” (songwriting)

2009 – TVXQ’s track on The Secret Code – the 4th Album (Japanese album), “9096” (songwriting)

2009 – JEJUNG & YUCHUN from TVXQ’s tracks on Colors (Melody and Harmony) / Shelter (songwriting)

2009 – “Love” (original soundtrack of Heaven’s Postman)

2010 – JYJ’s track on “The Beginning Still in Love” (songwriting)

2010 – “To You It’s Goodbye, To Me It’s Waiting” (original soundtrack of KBS2’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal)

2011 – JYJ’s track on Their Rooms “Our Story”, “Nine” (songwriting)

2011 – JYJ’s track on Their Rooms “Our Story”, “Pierrot” (songwriting)

2011 – JYJ’s track on Their Rooms “Our Story”, “I.D.S.” (songwriting)

2011 – “I’ll Protect You” (original soundtrack of SBS’s Protect the Boss)

2011 – JYJ’s track on In Heaven, “Get Out” (songwriting)

2011 – JYJ’s track on In Heaven, “Boy’s Letter” (songwriting)

2011 – JYJ’s track on In Heaven, “In Heaven” (songwriting)

2012 – “Living Like a Dream” (original soundtrack of MBC’s Dr. Jin)

2012 – “Stay” (original soundtrack of Jackal Is Coming)

2012 – “Kiss B” (songwriting for the original soundtrack of Jackal Is Coming)

2012 – JYJ’s Kim Junsu’s track on Tarantallegra, “No Gain” (songwriting)

2012 – Baek Seung-heon’s “Until the Sun Rises” (songwriting)

2013 – I (mini-album)

2013 – WWW (full album)

2013 – M.Pire’s “On My Mind” (songwriting)

2014 – Removing My Makeup (repackage album)

2014 – JYJ’s track on Just Us, “Let Me See” (songwriting)

2014 – JYJ’s track on Just Us, “Babo Boy” (songwriting)

2014 – JYJ’s track on Just Us, “Dear J” (songwriting)

2014 – “But I” (original soundtrack of MBC’s Triangle)

2014 – “Coincidence” (original soundtrack of MBC’s Triangle)

2016 – No.X (full album)

2018 – Sign / Your Love (single Japanese album)



As stated briefly in his personal profile above, Kim Jaejoong has 11 siblings in which seven of them are his adoptive older sisters and the last four are his younger half-sister and brothers. Kim Jaejoong was given up for adoption by his biological mother to the Kim family when he was only 4 years old. Later, his birth name, Han Jaejoon, was changed to his current name, Kim Jaejoong.


Kim Jaejoong found out that he was adopted by his current family during TVXQ’s Rising Sun activities in 2005. The revelation also made Kim Jaejoong’s adoptive older sisters surprised because they never doubted their only brother’s family relationship to them. As for his biological family state, Kim Jaejoong’s real mother named Oh Seo-jin was divorced, got remarried, and had a daughter and a son who became Kim Jaejoong’s half-siblings. Currently, Kim Jaejoong’s biological mother is a teacher at a university in Shandong, China, and the CEO of Korea Family Protector. She still stays in touch with Kim Jaejoong’s adoptive family.


In November 2006, a man with the surname Han filed a lawsuit against Kim Jaejoong’s guardians. He claimed that he was Kim Jaejoong’s biological father and thus wanted parental rights. The man cited the reason for the lawsuit against Kim Jaejoong’s legal guardians was “for not going through the proper procedures before registering Kim Jaejoong in the legal guardians’ custody”. The first hearing was to be held in Kim Jaejoong’s hometown in Gongju on November 29, 2006. However, on November 22, the man who claimed to be Kim Jaejoong’s biological father dropped the charges against Kim Jaejoong’s adoptive parents. It was also known that Kim Jaejoong’s biological father got remarried and has two sons which became Kim Jaejoong’s younger half-brothers.

Did Kim Jaejoong Have Plastic Surgery?


Just like other South Korean celebrities, Kim Jaejoong is not able to escape from the accusation of having plastic surgery. While we think that his angelic and mysterious face has not really changed drastically, Kim Jaejoong’s facial features such as his eyes and nose do look different in when compared to the past. Let’s compare the before-and-after plastic surgery pictures of Kim Jaejoong’s below!


After comparing Kim Jaejoong’s before-and-after plastic surgery pictures, we can see that Kim Jaejoong’s eyes were small and narrow, whereas currently, his eyes are larger and sharper, leading to the allegation of double eyelid surgery. In addition, a change also can be spotted with Kim Jaejoong’s old nose which was a little shorter. In contrast, we can see that Kim Jaejoong’s nose now looks thinner and more defined, perhaps thanks to a nose job. Either way, we think that Kim Jaejoong already had the potential to be a celebrity even before plastic surgery, right?

Tattoos and Abs


It is viewed as customary for celebrities to have tattoos attached to their bodies. Kim Jaejoong apparently is also included in the list of South Korean celebrities who have inked several kinds of tattoos (the calligraphy of his former group TVXQ, the sun, and other sayings) on his body, including his upper back, lower back, and chest.


Kim Jaejoong also has pretty solid abs which he built from constantly working out. His abs are often shown in his dramas, movies, and solo concerts.