Kim Jae-wook’s Profile and Facts: Drama List, Movies, and Plastic Surgery

Kim Jae-wook’s Military Service

Kim Jae-wook

Kim Jae-wook signed on to do military service on July 5th, 2011. He joined the military for 21 months after the military’s basic training of 5 weeks. He returned from military service in April 2013. The handsome and multi-talented actor Kim Jae-wook quietly and ably served his 2 years of mandatory military service and returned to the public afterward to interview with a military television program to discuss his experience and feelings about the imminent discharge.

Did Kim Jae-wook Get Plastic Surgery?

KJW transformation

There is no news about Kim Jae-wook having plastic surgery at any point. He looks as charming as a prince, and he has a cool facial expression from time to time, but it doesn’t erase his handsome face and model looks. He often appears with long-hair, and he had to cut his hair when he joined the military. Kim Jae-wook returned after his military discharge and starred in many dramas. His face has been aging, but a short and neat hairstyle hasn’t changed his appearance much.

Who Is Kim Jae-wook’s Girlfriend?

Kim Jae-wook is reported to be currently single with no news or official dating statement  linking him to a girl. Some even speculate about whether he is straight or not after his first movie Antique. In the movie, his acting was just too passionate and brilliant. However, Kim Jae-wook is private about his personal life and has kept his romantic relationships out of the spotlight. Furthermore, he has also been very busy with other things such as his hobbies or other activities.

kjw antique

There has also been no news about Kim Jae-wook getting married. He is still very busy with his acting career, especially when preparing for different roles.

Kim Jae-wook’s Ideal Type

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As an actor who has been in the film industry for a long time, many people look up to him and adore him as a person. Because of that, a lot of people wonder what kind of woman can make Kim Jae-wook’s heart flutter. Kim Jae-wook once opened up about his ideal type and dating style in a radio interview.

He said that he doesn’t have a specific ideal type, but he likes people who have good skin. He likes someone that is pretty with no makeup. Growing up with his mom who never wore makeup, he looks at how beautiful his mom is naturally. So, he would love to be with someone that resembles his mom in that regard. Besides that, he doesn’t like someone who can’t hold up a conversation. He thinks that having an enjoyable conversation is the most important thing. Also, based on his previous relationships, he tends to prefer Japanese women over Korean women. Most of his exes who he had a dear affection for are Japanese.

Kim Jae-wook’s Dating Rumors With Female Celebrities

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Most celebrities in South Korea are secretive about their love life. The reason can be due to being banned by their agency or worried that it will affect their career in the entertainment industry. It is the same with Kim Jae-wook. He’s not revealing his private life so people can only focus on his career as an actor. But, there are also rumors about him dating some female celebrities. Let’s look at Kim Jae-wook’s dating rumors with female celebrities here!

Kim Jae-wook With Rie Akiba

Rie Akiba

There was a rumor spreading in 2007 that Kim Jae-wook had a relationship with the Japanese actress Rie Akiba. His management denied the speculations and further news about Kim Jae-wook’s relationship with Rie Akiba. They knew each other because of a TV program in South Korea, and they are just good friends.

Kim Jae-wook’s first love back when he was in junior high school was a girl who was Japanese and who was 9 years older than him. He even stayed in Ireland for 2 months just to spend time with someone special to him.

Kim Jae-wook With Son Ga-In

gain son

In August 2014, a member of Brown Eyed Girls, Ga-In, posted a photo with Kim Jae-wook on her newly-made Instagram. It was not a statement that both of them had a special relationship, it was a common post that she made to let fans know that the two stars, who are the endorsement models of the 10th Annual Jecheon International Music & Film Festival, hung out.

Son Gain with KJW

“I’m practicing in Hongdae right after waking up. I have no eyes,” wrote Ga-In on her Instagram post.

Kim Jae-wook With Park Gyuri

park gyuri

In May 2016, during an interview to promote her film, Park Gyuri, ex-member of idol girl group KARA who’s now starting to have an acting career, revealed that she filmed a kiss scene while actually drunk in her upcoming movie Two Rooms, Two Nights. The movie is a realistic romance film about a man who is stuck between his ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend. There was a scene of Mina (Park Gyuri) and In Sung (Kim Jae-wook) meeting for the first time and ending up kissing after having a drink together. Park Gyuri as the female lead explained that she thought it would be awkward if they were sober. After talking it over with the director and Kim Jae-wook, both of them decided to get drunk to film the kiss scene.

two room two night

Kim Jae-wook told Park Gyuri that it was his first on-screen kiss, and it was the same for her. Park Gyuri shared that for the kiss scene, they had to buy a very strong drink from the convenience store. There wasn’t much time left for filming, so they had to choose a drink that would get them drunk quickly.

Kim Jae-wook With Lee El

lee el

In May 2018, there was a dating rumor spreading regarding actress Lee El and Kim Jae-wook. They were starring together as husband and wife in the musical Amadeus that year. The rumor about the two stars began to circulate after Lee El posted a photo on Instagram of actor Kim Jae-wook sleeping, which she later took down. Although the actress quickly deleted her post, the photo was widely circulated through various online communities, and many began to speculate that the actors were involved in a romantic relationship.

lee el with kjw

The next day, Lee El’s agency denied the rumor that the stars were dating. A representative from Lee El’s agency stated that the photo was taken in the waiting room at the theater while the actors were resting. Lee El posted it to her Instagram as a joke because she thought it was a funny photo.

Kim Jae-wook on Lee El post

They successfully stole the public’s attention because of their close relationship. Not only because of the previous post on Lee El’s Instagram that she took down, but there was a lot of evidence that both of the stars were close friends with each other. Kim Jae-wook attended the VIP premiere of Lee El’s film Wind, Wind, Wind in March, while Lee El visited Kim Jae-wook on the set of his drama the previous year.

kjw with lee el

In September 2017, Kim Jae-wook posted a photo of Lee El’s visit on his Instagram account.

kjw with lee el

“El recently made a surprise appearance together with a coffee truck. Thank you, I was touched. Thanks to you, I even heard [from people on set] that I’ve been living my life well.” –

In the photo, Kim Jae-wook is standing right next to Lee El. Both of them are smiling wide in front of the food truck. While Kim Jae-wook is wearing a black suit and doing the ‘V’ pose, Lee El has her hands crossed in front of her chest while leaning her head a few inches on Kim Jae-wook’s shoulder. It is a sweet photo of them together!

Kim Jae-wook’s Education

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Kim Jae-wook was born and raised in Japan until the age of 8 when he went to Korea. He was admitted to Seoul Eonju Elementary School in Korea, but he barely spoke Korean. He did not get used to the strict Korean school rules such as wearing uniforms and having a neat hairstyle even after growing up mostly through the Korean school system.

He told his parents that he would not go to high school because of this. He then changed his mind because, like his brother, he wished to engage in school band activities. He auditioned for the band Kaksital as a freshman at Dandae High School and was accepted. At the Seoul Institute of the Arts, Kim Jae-Wook majored in music and formed a 3-piece rock band named Walrus. Kim Jae-Wook still performs with the band to this day.

Kim Jae-wook’s Proof of Religion

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In one interview for his OCN drama Hand: The Guest, he revealed that he doesn’t believe in any religion, meaning he’s an atheist. In the drama, he plays a Catholic priest which was difficult for him.

“I have no religion. So, I have to understand what Catholicism is like. I started there and learned about the ritual of exorcism. I went to the cathedral to find out how the life of a priest was, and I also interviewed them,” said Kim Jae Wook. Kim Jae Wook said he also went to the Philippines to meet an exorcist priest who was an expert. He learned many things about the problem of possession to deepen his role.

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