Kim Jae-wook’s Profile and Facts: Drama List, Movies, and Plastic Surgery

Awards and Nominations

Kim Jae-wook awards

Kim Jae-wook won awards at the 1st Korean Drama Awards (2007) as Netizen Popularity Award of The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, the 16th Korean Culture Awards (2008) as New Artists in the Film Sector, the Asian Model Awards (2009) as Model Special Awards

Fun Facts About Kim Jae-wook

Kim Jae-wook
  1. Kim Jae-wook was born in South Korea, but his family decided to move to Japan and he lived there back when he’s still a baby because his father worked as a journalist. He was transferred to Japan, and then back again to South Korea, when Kim Jae-wook was around at 7 or 8 years old.
  2. He almost couldn’t speak Korean when he came back to his hometown. He started learning to speak Korean when he was in primary school.
  3. Kim Jae-wook grown up as a Korean student and was in a school with a strict system and rules. Therefore, he said to his parents that he wouldn’t go to high school. But, he changed his mind because he wanted to take part in the school band, just like his brother. As a freshman in Dandae High School, he went on an audition for “Kaksital” band, and he got accepted.
  4. He started his experience as a model when he was in his sophomore year of high school. Ki Jae-wook become a model for a fashion magazine, and took part in the fashion show. Apart from being a model, his passion was still focused on his music career.

    Kim Jae-wook
  5. In the Seoul Institute of the Arts, Kim Jae-wook majored in the music department and formed a rock band named Walrus; he participated as a guitarist and a vocalist. He is still in the band now.

    Kim Jae-wook Walrus
  6. In 2002, MBC’s PD Park Sung Woo suggested he should be an actor on television dramas. He made his debut as a member of the indie band of the MBC drama “Ruler of Your Own World”. Kim Jae-wook had a hard time back when he debuted as an actor, and he wanted to quit acting at that time.

    Kim Jae-wook debut acting
  7. After he made his acting debut, he concentrated on his modeling career.
  8. 5 years later, Kim Jae-wook changed his mind about acting and had a role in the KBS2 drama “Dal-ja’s Spring” in2007 as a friend of the leading role.

    Kim Jae-wook Dal-ja's Spring
  9. Kim Jae-wook also had a supporting role as Noh Seon-ki on the drama “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince” that aired on MBC. The drama has become a big success and a hit, and it also reached the high rating. Kim Jae-wook got recognition from the viewers and the public, who supported him.

    Kim Jae-wook
  10. When he took the audition for “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince”, he was offered the character of Jin Ha-lim, who is written as a smart guy, but also a playboy. But then, the PD’s changed his mind, so Kim Jae-wook got the role of Noh Seon-ki, who is introspective and a more quiet person who hoped that the role will suit him the best.

    Kim Jae-wook Coffee Prince
  11. In the same year of 2007, Kim Jae-wook made his movie debut in the film entitled “Antique”. He played the role of Min Seon-woo, a character who has been written as a talented patissier, who is a homosexual. The PD said that he was unsure about the role that Kim Jae-wook took, but he proved his enthusiasm and took on the role of Min Seon-woo.

    Kim Jae-wook antique
  12. In May 2008, Kim Jae-wook was the ambassador of the 9th Jeonju International Film Festival.
  13. After his acting in “Antique”, he was offered so many job with characters who had the same personality as his previous role, Min Seon-woo. He didn’t take the jobs, and decided to take a one year hiatus from acting.
  14. In 2010, Kim Jae-wook made his comeback in a supporting role on the SBS drama “Bad Guy”. He played on more dynamic role than he took before as Hong Tae-sung. In the same year, he also showed his ability to speak Japanese and Korean in another drama entitled “Pygmalion’s Love (キミ の 記憶 を ボク に ください ~ ピグマリオン の 恋 ~)”.

    Kim Jae-wook Pygmalion's Love

    Kim Jae-wook Bad Guy
  15. Kim Jae-wook took the role of Janice Man in a mini-series drama entitled Golden Heart, and he showed his ability to speak English.
  16. In “Mary Stayed Out All Night”, Kim Jae-wook played the role of Jung-in. The character of Jung-in was a rich young man who moved from Japan to Korea and he also showed his ability to speak Japanese in this drama. It was a romantic-comedy drama that starred Moon Geun-young and Jang Geun-suk in the lead roles.
  17. In May 2011, Kim Jae-wook became a co-author with his friends from the fashion industry; Jang Yoon-ju, Ji Hyun-jung, Han Hye-jin, and Song Kyung-ah to wrote a book entitled Top Model. It was written based on their experience in the industry and included beauty, make-up and styling tips.
    Kim Jae-wook Top Model
  18. Apart from being an actor and musician, Kim Jae-wook hobbies are playing baseball and football. He also enjoys cleaning his room for 4-5 hours in his free time. After doing the housework and chores, he can look around at the clean house and be proud of his work.
  19. Kim Jae-wook once worked part-time at a transgender bar in Itaewon to prepare for his role in drama musical “Hedwig”. He did a fantastic transformation in drag of the Korean adapatation of “Hedwig the Angry Inch”, the rock musical by John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask. He explained on tvN’s ‘Life Bar’ that he made a visit to check things out, and asked permission from the boss to work for a short period of time without getting payed. He also bought skirts and high heels to make himself more comfortable with his role of playing a gay person.

    Kim Jae-wook as Hedwig
  20. Kim Jae-wook said he never washes his jeans. Despite being a model and doing fashion stuff, he said that he likes to keep his own rules about style & fashion and being simple is one of his favourite styles.

    Kim Jae-wook's Fashion
  21. After he finished his military service in 2013, Kim Jae-wook made a comeback to play a role in drama; Who Are You. He took a role as a detective who died and turned out to be a ghost Lee Hyung Joon. Kim Jae-wook was involved in a triangle-love with his co-worker 2PM’s Ok Taec-yeon and fought for his love for Yang Si-ohn.

    Kim Jae-wook