The History of Kim Jae-joong’s Solo Concert That You Should Know!

Kim Jae Joong’s J-Party (2015)

Kim Jaejoong J-Party 2015

Kim Jae-joong held another concert a year after wrapping up his 1st Solo Album Asia Tour. He started his concert titled Kim Jae Joong’s J-Party on January 21st then continued on January 22nd in Yokohama, Japan and on January 26th in Seoul, South Korea. At this concert, he gathered 15.000 fans on each day of his concert in Yokohama, while 6.000 gathered on his concert in Seoul.

At Kim Jae Joong’s J-Party, Kim Jae-joong performed his songs such as “I’ll Protect You,” “Kiss B,” and many more. If you want to watch how Kim Jae-joong performed on the concert, you can look at his performance videos below:

Kim Jae Joong’s Concert in Seoul (2015)

Kim Jaejoong Concert in Seoul 2015

A few months after Kim Jae Joong’s J-Party, Kim Jae-joong held another concert in Seoul. This time, it was his last concert with the fans before entering the military. At the concert, Kim Jae-joong performed one of his new songs titled “Breathing,” as well as a song titled “Good Morning Night.” If you want to watch his performance on Kim Jae Joong’s Concert in Seoul, you can watch it in the videos below:

Kim Jaejoong’s 2nd Album Hologram Real Live Concert (2016)

Kim Jaejoong Hologram Real Live Concert 2016

On February 9th and 10th, 2016, Kim Jae-joong held his 2nd Album Hologram Real Live Concert in Japan and successfully took place with 10.500 fans in the audience seats. The concert went for 90 minutes as Kim Jae-joong performed various songs with the use of hologram. In response to the concert, thousands of fans showed great enthusiasm and were eagerly waiting for his return from the military service. From the performance director of the concert, it was said that the preparation for the concert took 2 years and the content was filmed before Kim Jae-joong enlisted for the military service.

At the Hologram Concert, Kim Jae-joong performed many songs such as “Glamorous Sky,” “You Know?” “We Will Meet Again,” “Love You More,” and many others. You can watch his performance in the video below:

Kim Jaejoong’s Asia Tour ′The REBIRTH of J′ (2017)

Kim Jaejoong The Rebirth of J 2017

Kim Jae-joong’s latest concert was held in 2017, an Asia Tour titled The Rebirth of J and was held after his military discharge. The tour was held from January 21st until March 25th in 4 countries: South Korea, Japan, China, and Bangkok. The concert started off in Seoul, South Korea and ended in Macao, China. In the concert, Kim Jae-joong returned and showcased his beautiful voice again to the fans by singing various songs such as “Breathing,” “Luvholic,” “Run Away,” “Love You to Death,” and many more.

You can watch a few of his performances by watching the video below:

So, what do you think of the history of Kim Jae-joong’s solo concerts? Would you like to attend his concerts if he were to hold it again in the future? Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts about Kim Jae-joong’s solo concerts in the comment section below!