Did JYJ’s Kim Jae-joong Undergo Plastic Surgery? Let’s Compare Possible Before and After Pictures!

Did Kim Jae-joong Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Like other celebrities in Korea, Kim Jae-joong is also surrounded by rumors saying that he has undergone plastic surgery. The debate is still going on among fans about whether he has already gone under the knife or if he is indeed a beautiful man. Kim Jae-joong never stated the truth when he was answering a question related to the topic. Instead, he answered with “Its a secret,” leaving many to speculate his word. Kim Jae-joong once stated that he will never be satisfied with his nose because he thinks it is too flat. This made some speculate that he has never gone under the knife. But, the real answer to people’s question is still not available.

There are many speculations saying that he has changed his eyes and nose. In his pre-debut photos, it is shown that Kim Jae-joong, just like other Asian people, has small and slanted eyes. Meanwhile, in his recent photos, his eyes are wider and bigger than before. Therefore, he is rumored to have had eyelid surgery, also known as Blepharoplasty.

Aside from his eyes, his nose is also suspect. A nose job in small dosages has been speculated. As it may not appear easily, people should look closer to recognize his reshaped nose.

On the flip side, as we know, he is a top celebrity so he must have a professional makeup team. Thus, you can not compare the before-and-after photos bluntly. So, again, we do not know for sure whether Kim Jae-joong has received plastic surgery or if the changes are natural. Here are photo comparisons of Kim Jae-joong before and after his debut.


So, what do you think?